11 examples of defensive gun use allay New York City mayor’s open carry concerns


Any week now, the Supreme Court will deliver its decision in the landmark second amendment case New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen, where a majority appears poised to strike down New York laws that effectively prohibit law-abiding citizens from carrying firearms in public for self-defense.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams, a Democrat, recently lamented the likely outcome of the case, telling reporters that city residents should be “very concerned” and noting that his administration “has done its job to take guns off the streets”.

Respectfully, Mayor, the rising violent crime rates in your city prove that you have failed to take guns off the streets. In fact, New York’s entire legal framework only succeeds in rendering law-abiding New Yorkers defenseless against criminals who continue to illegally carry firearms and use them to commit heinous acts.

This reality was made painfully evident in recent mass public shootings in New York State, including a Saturday in Buffalo where the attacker’s manifesto detailed how New York’s strict gun laws ” put him at ease” by guaranteeing that his victims, even if they were armed, would have a more limited ability to retaliate.

The right to own and bear arms plays a central role in protecting law-abiding Americans when the government cannot or will not be there when those Americans are victimized.

Almost every major study on the issue has found that Americans use their firearms in self-defense between 500,000 and 3 million times a year, according to the latest report on the subject from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

For this reason, The Daily Signal publishes a monthly article highlighting some of the many news stories from the previous month on the defensive use of firearms that you may have missed or may not have been under. national spotlights in the first place. (Read more reviews from 2019, 2020, 2021 and so far in 2022 here.)

The examples below represent only a small portion of the reporting on defensive gun use we found in April. You can explore further using The Heritage Foundation’s Defensive Firearms Use Interactive Database. (The Daily Signal is the multimedia news organization of The Heritage Foundation.)

  1. April 1, Saint Paul: A man fatally shot his daughter’s ex-boyfriend after kicking the family’s front door in the middle of the night and threatening her, police said. The former boyfriend had a long history of domestic violence, including three previous domestic assault convictions dating back to 2006. He was facing other domestic violence charges – all related to alleged physical assaults on the man and her daughter – and had active warrants for her arrest.
  2. April 5, Somerset, Kentucky: A man was assaulting his girlfriend inside their home when a minor came to the woman’s defense, retrieved a handgun and fatally shot her attacker, local officials said.
  3. April 7, Brownsboro, Texas: A would-be burglar who broke into a house by smashing the front door glass came face to face with the owner, who, armed with an AR-15, held him at gunpoint. a weapon until the police arrive. The burglar was arrested, but police said they were unable to locate a second suspect believed to be his accomplice.
  4. April 8, Melbourne, Florida: A man sitting in his truck outside a friend’s house was confronted by an acquaintance who, angry over an earlier argument, opened fire on him, police said. The man grabbed his handgun and fired back. When the handgun jammed, the man – still under fire – grabbed an AR-15 from his back seat. During the ensuing shootout, he got out of the truck to use it as cover. He eventually retrieved a second AR-15 from his trunk and held his defensive fire until his attacker fled. The police were able to find, arrest and charge the man with several crimes. No one was injured in the shooting, police said.
  5. April 11, Las Vegas: A teenager was arguing with someone on a residential street when a neighbor, who was walking his dog, tried to intervene, police said. The teenager pointed a gun at the man and threatened him, but he was legally carrying his own gun and fatally shot the teenager. Police said the man acted in self-defense, has not been arrested and will not face charges.
  6. April 14, Charleston, South Carolina: A man called police to say another driver had shot him, but his story quickly unraveled when other witnesses reported he was, in fact, the attacker in a violent rage incident driving. Officers arrested the man, who is accused of hounding a female driver, throwing a can of soda at her car, then threatening her with a gun before shooting her several times. She grabbed her own pistol from the glove compartment and returned fire in self-defense, police said.
  7. April 17, Philadelphia: Two armed men wearing fake badges posed as police officers, forced their way into a home and attempted to tie a resident’s hands, police said. The resident soon realized the men weren’t real cops, pulled out his own gun and fatally shot one of them. The second intruder, who fled, was not immediately captured. The resident encouraged fellow Philadelphians who can legally own guns to buy one to protect themselves from violent crime.
  8. April 21, Brentwood, TN: When a woman’s estranged husband violated a protective order and showed up at her apartment without permission, she called her father and brother for help, police said. When they arrived, the husband lunged at them, so the brother shot him three times, wounding him. Police said the husband will be charged with harassment and breaching a protective order after being discharged from hospital.
  9. April 25, Cleveland: A man held a store worker at gunpoint and grabbed cash from an open till, police said. As he turned to flee, another employee tried to follow him, so he shot him. This employee was however armed. She retaliated, kicking the thief in the leg. Responding officers were unable to find the injured thief, but recovered his abandoned backpack with the gun still inside.
  10. April 27, Princeton, West Virginia: An owner discovered a man breaking into his vehicle in the middle of the night and then held him at gunpoint until police arrived. Responding officers found several items in the man’s possession that had been stolen from local residents, including the backpack in which the man had placed the other items.
  11. April 29, Miami: An employee of a demolition and waste hauling company confronted a man who was trying to steal a catalytic converter from a car on company property, police said. Instead of fleeing, the would-be thief ran towards the employee brandishing a saw, so the employee pulled out his gun and shot him. The injured thief dropped the catalytic converter and fled, but police later found him and his stolen getaway car.

It is clear that, no matter how hard they try, law enforcement officers simply cannot be there to defend most citizens from violent crime at the time they are victimized. The Second Amendment gives these innocent Americans a better chance of fighting criminals who would harm them.

Additionally, the data clearly indicates that concealed carry permit holders are, as a class, one of the most law-abiding segments of the population.

Mayor, New York has nothing to fear from a future where its law-abiding citizens are allowed to defend themselves in public with firearms.

New York’s violent criminals, on the other hand? They should be a little more scared.

This piece originally appeared in The Daily Signal


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