Alert on rising incidence of child abuse and violence against women in Baguio City – Manila Bulletin


CITY OF BAGUIO – The City Social Welfare and Development Office (CSWDO) is undertaking close coordination to strengthen the Barangay Councils for Child Protection (BCPC) in the face of the reported increasing incidence of child abuse and of violence against women.

At the same time, the Baguio City Government expressed concern over the CSWDO report for the first quarter of 2022.

Liza Bulayongan, Officer in Charge of CSWDO, reported that for the first quarter, there were already 34 cases of child abuse reported, of which 21 victims were female and 13 were male.

Bulayongan said sexual assault topped child abuse with 18 cases followed by nine cases of physical abuse, six cases of psychological abuse and one case of neglect.

Last year, the CWDO reported some 95 cases of child abuse committed in the various barangays of the city.

Of the children abused last year, 72 were girls and 23 were boys. They are now in the care of different shelters.

Sexual abuse still leads the number of child abuse cases reported during the said period with 48 followed by 34 cases of physical abuse, 7 cases of emotional abuse – 7 and neglect cases – 6.

For children in conflict with the law, the CSWDO also recorded 34 cases in the first quarter of this year, with theft being the most frequently committed crime.

From January to December 2021, approximately 70 cases of children in conflict with the law were reported with 45 uncleared and another 25 cases filed against the arrested perpetrators.

Regarding the status of the child in conflict with the law, Bulayongan said that some 42 cases are under intervention, 15 cases are under diversion program, six have suspended sentences, five cases are in trials and two cases where the suspects were released on knowledge.

In the youth sector, Bulayongan said the local youth development council continues to hold its regular quarterly meetings to discuss relevant issues and concerns facing the city’s youth and to formulate appropriate interventions needed to address them. the problem effectively.

Bulayongan also reported that cases of violence against women and their children (VAWC) are also on the rise, prompting social welfare to work closely with local government partners to bridge the reporting gap in said cases.

Bulayongan said the 29 documented cases of VAWC in different parts of the city are alarming.

She said that in partnership with networks, the CSWDO has developed a unified database for VAWC and even child abuse cases to ensure that all cases are tracked and accounted for at all times. barangay, hospital and police levels.

Among the initial services provided by the CSWDO to victims of VAWC cases are counseling for both the abused and the abuser, temporary shelter for the abused, and other forms of assistance that will enable them to overcome challenges in their lives and become stronger individuals in the face of such difficult situations.

Most of the reported cases of VAWC were physical abuse, psychological abuse, economic abuse and sexual abuse, although there are also many cases which are often resolved at their level while others are subject to proceedings strict judiciary.




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