Bond, James Bond – Daniel Craig’s name appears in Bitcoin scam fake endorsement


James Bond now finds himself trapped in a different kind. He went from the world of espionage to the world of fake celebrity mentions. Bitcoin crooks have appropriated the iconic image of Bond star Daniel Craig to plot their automated trading system called “Bitcoin Revolution”. It’s not just Craig either. Countless celebrities have found their faces stuck on advertisements for scam brokers who steal funds from their clients. As the price of Bitcoin rises, these scams will likely continue to flourish for the foreseeable future.

A New Kind of Online Financial Fraud

It is important to note that these brokers do not offer the option of investing in Bitcoin itself. The highly secure nature of cryptocurrencies makes them a poor choice for bogus investments. Instead, brokers offer contracts for the differences. These assets are derivatives of Bitcoin that track price changes. It’s like betting on which way the price will go, up or down. These assets are dangerous even if you get them from a real broker, but these scam brokers won’t pay even if you bet correctly.

While James Bond’s word is good enough to get people to click, these scammers need a little something else to bite their victims. The bait they have chosen is automated trading. Brokers claim that they have advanced algorithms that can predict the market and conduct transactions on behalf of their clients. Any broker claiming to offer automated trading is trying to rip you off. If a system like this existed, the broker would not solicit novice online traders with fake celebrity mentions.

The specter of fraud looms over Bond Star

Probably the best-known British actor today, Daniel Craig has been a stage and film star for decades. Since 2006, he has been the James Bond of this generation. More than just a movie star, Craig is involved in several international organizations that remove landmines and other hazardous materials from war-torn communities. He’s one of the most easily recognizable actors out there, which makes him a perfect choice for a celebrity fake endorsement.

Online investment scams often use bogus mentions to promote their websites. The image of Daniel Craig has appeared in a number of these commercials recently. A major scam broker has been running ads claiming to be endorsed by Daniel Craig. They say the Bond star made a lot of money investing with them, and hundreds of other people have taken his advice and have done the same. In reality, Daniel Craig has no affiliation with the broker in question. If he had invested money with them, he would have lost everything by now.

Keep a GoldenEye open for online fraud

Aside from Mr. Bond, you only live once. Losing your savings because of an online investment fraud there is no way to live this life. Always research your options carefully, never invest on impulse to get rich quick schematics. Choose a broker with a long reputation for honoring the best interests of their clients. Don’t invest with an unregistered broker that you found through an ad on Facebook. Social media platforms do not verify their ads before serving them. You are responsible for avoiding the scams found there.


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