Campaign against child abuse launched by Hyderabad police



Hyderabad: A campaign against child abuse called “WE CAN” was launched on Saturday by Bharosa, the city’s police support center for women and children.

According to the Hyderabad police, the campaign includes a broad awareness campaign aimed at stopping and preventing child abuse, followed by a strong action plan, which would make children aware of their safety.

“Yes, Bharosa believes in moving from words to deeds. The campaign will achieve its goal of reaching all children, educating them about their safety in Hyderabad and elsewhere, through physical and digital platforms, ”police said in the press release.

For the past five years, the Bharosa Center has worked day and night to tackle the problem of child abuse, helping victims recover from the horrors and ensuring that abusers are treated strictly, said the police.

The particularity of the Bharosa Center is that it brings together several services under one roof to help a victim at any time, including a medical division, a legal division, a counseling division and a police team.

Since its inception, Bharosa has positively touched the lives of 10,000 families, making it easier to report the crime to the filing of the indictment in no time, to judgments resulting in convictions, to the award of compensation. to the victim in time, police said.

Hyderabad Police Commissioner Anjani Kumar in his speech applauded the diligent and necessary actions of the Bharosa team in each case of 66 police stations which resulted in 86 convictions and wished lasting success to the campaign against child sexual abuse.



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