CBI raids 56 locations across India against online child abuse


As part of Operation Megha Chakra, the CBI on Saturday searched 56 sites in 19 states and one union territory in connection with two cases of online distribution of child sexual abuse material (CSAM ), according to officials quoted by the PTI news agency.

The searches were based on entries from Interpol Singapore and intelligence obtained during last year’s Operation Carbon, which was carried out against CSAM peddlers on the internet using cloud storage.
The operation focuses on cloud storage facilities used by peddlers to distribute audiovisuals of illicit sexual activity with minors, earning it the code “Megha Chakra”.

According to an official, the agency, which pioneered a cybercrime unit, targeted CSAM peddlers across India.

Since 2019, the investigative agency has also created a special unit called Online Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation Prevention/Investigation (OCSAE) to investigate cases of online child sexual abuse and exploitation. In addition to receiving various referrals and information, the unit investigates various offenses involving online child sexual abuse and exploitation. It compiles and investigates information received from embassies and foreign federal investigative agencies about organized racketeers engaged in online child sexual abuse and exploitation.

A similar investigation, “Operation Carbon,” was also conducted by the CBI in November 2021 when raids were carried out in 76 locations across the country against 83 people. Several people were arrested during this operation.


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