CCSD leaders tackle campus violence as CCSD police chief pitches idea for home visits


LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) — A lockdown at Desert Oasis High School, spurred by reports of a gun on campus, has caused concern among families in the Clark County School District. The families said they were fed up with dangerous campuses and looked forward to council members addressing the violence.

Members of the CCSD Board of Directors will meet on Thursday, March 10 at 5:00 p.m. to discuss recent cases of violence. The meeting was called by three board members after a video of a girl being attacked went viral.

Trustee Danielle Ford said the video caught their attention and raised questions.

“Can we have more details? Ford said. “Can we have details of the operations that followed? »

Ford hopes to examine data on school violence.

“Are we really seeing an increase or not? Because it’s been a problem for a long time, and we haven’t always seen it,” Ford said.

FOX5 first reported that the director of the Juvenile Division of the Clark County District Attorney’s Office said he saw an increase in youth violence at the start of the school year.

“At the start of the school year, we were on the rise. It seems that the incidents are not traditionally what we have seen in the past,” said Chief Henry Blackeye, who has just been appointed as the official Chief of CCSDPD.

A county official said the frequency of acts of violence had decreased somewhat to pre-pandemic levels. The severity of the violence has increased, according to county officials.

Trustee Ford would like to address some solutions at Thursday’s board meeting.

“What helps is having more adults on campus,” Ford said. “Every teacher should have a teacher and an assistant, and that assistant should be able to burn themselves out if they need help.”

Ford is planning layered discussions on the subject.

“Should we do working groups with the community? Should we make policy changes? Should we make a new resolution? Like we don’t know, then maybe a few weeks later there might be something on the agenda for a meeting that we could approve,” Ford said.

The CCSD police also have an idea to improve campus security. Chief Blackeye offers an outreach program where they do home visits with the families of at-risk miners, as part of their “prevention before arrest” ideology.

“We had a story from our department: ‘prevention before apprehension’, you know? That’s our motto,” Blackeye said.

Chief Blackeye’s proposal is that the SDCC Police team up with SDCC social workers and the Las Vegas Metro Police to form outreach teams that proactively visit the homes of families of at-risk minors in the evenings. and on weekends, to conduct on-site assessments and provide referrals to the community. Resources.

“Maybe a kid made a mistake, and maybe an officer just needs to tell that student about that mistake. Maybe this student needs to be referred to the port, to a social worker,” Blackeye said.

Chief Blackeye said intervention rather than punishment is a mantra they already try to exemplify.

“We post about 200 arrest alternatives every month, and they’re all for minor, non-violent offenses,” Blackeye said.

CCSD trustees could vote on whether to allow Chief Blackeye to submit a grant for his “prevention before arrest” project. Blackeye is offering federal funds in the amount of $405,000 to fund his project.

Blackeye’s proposed project would spread the word about the county’s free resources. , The Harbor is a juvenile assessment center that helps children cope with the difficulties of daily life and aims to prevent violence in schools.

“For these kinds of things in the past, it was difficult for us when parents would come to me and ask me what I would do with my child. And you know, trying to find those services was tough,” Blackeye said. “Now they have one-stop shopping with The Harbour, and they have resources available to parents to help any struggling students they have or struggling children.”

FOX5 will have the latest from Thursday’s board meeting on school violence.


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