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Childline Kohima observed Childline’s Silver Jubilee celebration and Childline se Dosti week-long campaign from November 9-16.

Kohima, November 16 (MExN): Childline Kohima, working with other Childline partners across the country, observed Childline’s Silver Jubilee celebration and Childline’s week-long campaign to Dosti from November 9-16.

The campaign aimed to reach out to young and old to invite every citizen to become a friend of Childline by helping children in need of care and protection, to do a little to make our city a safer place for children.

As part of the campaign, Childline Kohima carried out a series of activities.

The campaign started with the mural in the Childline office compound and the creation of a child-friendly room in the Childline office, decorated with child-friendly pictures and child-friendly catchphrases etc. .

A photo booth was set up to promote awareness of Childline 1098 services, children’s rights and child protection laws. Dosti’s commitment was made by the secretary member of the Nagaland Legal Services Authority and the staff of SDO (Civil) Tseminyu and the constitution of the Dosti group, the signing campaign and the setting up of the Childline photo booth at the Mega legal camp organized by Kohima District Legal Services Authority in Tseminyu.

An awareness program was organized with the executive members of the All Nagaland Taxi association and the local taxi line manager Kohima, and the tying of the Dosti gang. A sticker campaign was organized with the local Taxi in Kohima.

A Children’s Day awareness and celebration program was held with the Christ King Sunday School children. formation of the toll free number 1098 by children.

An awareness program carried out in the village of Pfuchama. Highlights of the program were Childline 1098 services, children’s rights, child protection laws, handwashing demonstration, the importance of wearing face masks, good and bad contacts. . Various recreational activities were carried out with the children like balloon bursting, singing, Dosti engagement and Dosti band attachment, signing campaign.

The weeklong campaign ended with Childline Kohima for visibility and to raise awareness of Childline 1098 services painted on the retaining wall of Assam Rifle Camp D. Block. Childline Kohima presented a souvenir to Colonel ADM (North) and ligature of the Dosti band.

Childline appreciated the support of All Nagaland Taxi Association, Kohima District Legal Services Authority, Pfuchama Village Council, Christ King Parish Catechism Teachers and Assam Rifle (North) for making part of the Childline campaign turned Dosti and made the weeklong celebration a success.

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