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Stop Child Cruelty Trust (SCC) in collaboration with Child Protection Alliance (CPA) will restart the ‘Lama Surakum Yathra’ (Child Protection Tour) to celebrate Children’s Day to spread love to people and children in Northern Province . The intensive public awareness campaign will start at Colombo Fort and reach Jaffna on October 1, Kandy on October 15, Batticaloa on October 29 and Anuradhapura on November 12.

The grand finale of Yathra is scheduled for November 18, 2022, with a march in support of #NOguti and the first Sri Lanka Children’s Convention on November 18 to celebrate Universal Children’s Day at Vihara Park Open Air Theater Maha Devi in ​​Colombo.

Speaking about the initiative, CSC Founding President Dr. Tush Wickramanayaka said, “Although many have protested in the streets insisting on a better country for our children, they have remained silent on the education of better and unhurt children for our country. Yathra is a journey of love to protect and promote children’s rights. In each key city, there will be a day of activities for children, focusing on empowering them as rights holders and equal citizens, the distribution of essential educational materials and sanitary pads for children in economic difficulty and the feeding the hungry through a community kitchen.

The #NOhit zone school program launched in February 2022 was interrupted by the Aragalaya. “The violent oppression perpetrated by the authorities is a poignant reminder that ending corporal punishment against children is a pressing need as we usher in a new era free of violence and establish the just and peaceful country we envision. We hope to introduce a flagship school in each province we visit on Yathra that promotes happier and safer education,” Dr. Wickramanayaka said. “A study of school disciplinary methods conducted by the National Child Protection Authority in 2017 found that 80% of students said they had experienced corporal punishment in the last term. Cases of cruelty reported to the NCPA have tripled over the past decade. The Supreme Court of Sri Lanka issued a historic verdict in February 2021 unequivocally prohibiting corporal punishment against children, and there is an extremely urgent need for the Government of Sri Lanka to implement these guidelines to protect our children,” said Pof Prathiba. Mahanamahewa, former Commissioner for Human Rights. SL Commission and former Dean of Law and Professor at Jamaica University of Technology.

Saranga Disasekara, Actor and Child Protection Ambassador, said: “Our schools are meant to be a safe space where children and educators can engage in pro-social behaviors that can prevent violence in school and in the community. However, if teachers and primary education providers are unaware of alternative methods of punishment, the problem will persist and generation after generation will be conditioned to normalize this heinous crime. I am happy to be part of CSC’s #NOguti campaign to change this behavior. Retd Senior DIG Priyantha Jayakody, speaking on the police response to child abuse, said: ‘Most police officers don’t care about the privacy of the victim or suspect. It is the responsibility of the police and the media to ensure that the right approach is used with regard to the fundamental rights of citizens, whatever their involvement, in particular to ensure that the rights of the child are always protected. Therefore, I believe it is essential that long-term programs be created and implemented where we educate both the police and the media on a strong code of ethics in this area.

Niranjani Shanmugarajah, Actor and Child Protection Ambassador, speaking at the event, said, “A child without love and support will never grow up with the attitude of caring for others or giving love to others. Let’s give love and food, let’s change the child’s world with love.

CSC’s tireless efforts to end violence against children have paved the way for upcoming HRC sessions to represent 5.2 million children in Geneva as the only civil society organization committed to human rights. ‘child. Child protection is a collective social responsibility and CSC will continue its collaborative efforts to educate the public, train and advocate for them. Those interested in getting involved in the cause can visit the website at and the Facebook page at or email [email protected]


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