City to Offer Polling Day Bus Service | New


DANVILLE, Virginia – The city of Danville will once again offer free bus service on Election Day, November 2. It will cover all transit operations (fixed route and reservation-based service.) The Transportation Advisory Committee originally came up with the idea in 2018.It will be the fourth year.

Transportation director Mark Adelman said that probably wouldn’t mean crowded buses. He says it’s impossible to know how many of their fixed route riders are taking advantage of the service.

“Our Reserve-A-Ride service and our Handy Van service are based on reservations and I don’t think there has been a very significant increase in the use of our transportation service to get to the venues. voting, ”Adelman said. “I think it was very marginal.”

The price for this service in the past has been set at around $ 600. Danville city council unanimously approved the idea on Tuesday.

In other news from this week’s meeting, City Council:

* Approved a grant of $ 115,360.91 from the Department of Homeland Security, through the Virginia Department of Emergency Management, to purchase extrication equipment for three fire trucks. The local share is $ 11,536.09.

* Approved $ 1,245,901.00 from Housing and Urban Development Fund for use with Community Development Block Grants Program and Residential Investment Partnership Fund.

* Approved a grant from the Department of Juvenile Justice of $ 86,999 and a local share of $ 39,830 for a total appropriation of $ 126,829. This will fund the Electronic Monitoring and Detention Awareness Programs and Prevention Services / Pro-Social Skills Program for the City of Danville at WW Moore Jr.

* Approved a federal grant of $ 38,681 for food aid service operations at WW Moore, Jr., Detention Home.

* Appointed Sandy Irby to the Danville Community Policy and Management team as the Danville Pittsylvania Community Services Representative.

* Agreed to provide free bus service on election day, November 2.

* Passed a resolution to transfer an existing pole fastening franchise from Chatmoss Cablevision Inc. to its new owner Zito Chatmoss LLC.

* Release of the privileges held by the city against two plots on Jefferson Avenue and one on Loyal Street. All three properties will be transferred to the Danville Redevelopment and Housing Authority.

* Released from municipal privileges on three plots of rue Colquhoun to facilitate their sale.

* Upheld a Commission of Architectural Review ruling regarding solar panels on properties at 918 Green Street and 154 Chestnut Street.


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