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I am running for an At Large seat on Cañon City City Council because I want to work with the community and the city government to strengthen our local economy, protect our outdoor environment, and ensure transparency in city decision-making.

I bring a wide range of experiences and skills to the post of city councilor. My professional life has been centered around government and nonprofit organizations. My longest career has been in social services – child protection, foster care and adoption. I have a master’s degree in public administration with a specialization in environmental management. I was a middle manager in the Colorado Department of Social Services for 12 years, helping to design and implement two large statewide child welfare systems.

I also worked part-time for a police department for two years, as a program administrator in Colorado courts for four years, developing and supporting alternative dispute resolution programs, and was a member Faculty Assistant at Colorado Mountain College for several years, teaching courses as part of their sustainability studies program. I am also a trainer in conflict resolution, negotiation and facilitation techniques.

My many years of local government experience includes eight years of service on the Cañon City City Council in the 1980s and early 1990s and on both Cañon City and Summit County Planning Boards. . I have had a house in Cañon City since 1977.

My most recent community engagement includes two key projects: serving on the Community Advisory Group for the Cotter Mill / Lincoln Park Superfund site for five years, and I founded Cañon City’s Energy Future in early 2018, to seek more electric power. affordable for residents and businesses of Cañon City.

We pay some of the highest electricity costs in the state, in a region with median household income more than 30% lower than median household income statewide. The high costs of electricity in our area not only impact our low-income residents, but also prevent energy-intensive employers from relocating to our community. We need to find more affordable electric power. Let’s make the best possible offer!

What are my priorities as I take on the responsibility of serving as a board member? I want to strengthen communication between the City and the community to make the best possible decisions on the city’s projects. We are growing, but we need to manage this growth to minimize gentrification and ensure that our infrastructure (streets, water, parks, police, stormwater management, etc.) can support growth.

We must protect and preserve our precious environmental resources – our parks, our trees, the Arkansas River, the Royal Gorge, hiking and biking trails – and ensure that the Cotter Mill / Lincoln Park Superfund site is fully cleaned for future use. Tourism is a key part of our economy. We need to make sure our community provides all the services and support our tourists want and need!

I have good judgment and common sense, am a good listener, and am committed to exploring all aspects of any problem. I learned a long time ago that an elected official must both lead and follow – lead on issues of critical importance to the community and understand and follow the needs and wants of community members.

Local elected officials must do more to reach out to different parts of our community – those who work for our major employers (prisons, schools, the healthcare industry), retirees, young families, entrepreneurs and many more. ‘others. We cannot expect the community to come to us – we have to reach out and engage the community. Everyday. This is my commitment to you.

Emily Tracy is a candidate for At Large’s seat on Cañon City Council.



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