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SUPERIOR Court Associate Judge Wesley Bogdan on Wednesday granted Steven Koch’s motion for a temporary restraining order against Representative Vicente Castro Camacho, Koch’s brother-in-law Ignacio “Ike” Salas Concepcion, and three “John Does” : two nephews of Camacho and an employee or tenant of Concepcion known as “Reynaldo”.

Judge Bogdan also issued a show cause order against the respondents and set a hearing for Monday, November 8 at 1:30 p.m.

The judge ordered Camacho, Concepcion and the “John Does” to be present at the hearing.

Bogdan said any violation of the order issued by the respondents could expose each of them to further contempt of court proceedings and other possible penalties.

On Monday, Koch, his wife and daughter filed a motion in Superior Court, seeking a temporary restraining order to prevent Camacho and three others “from engaging in further physical harm, disturbance, harassment, blocking, threats. and verbal abuse “.

Koch, who is represented by lawyer Charity Hodson, said he was assaulted by Camacho, Camacho’s two nephews and a Concepcion employee or tenant.

The incident, which stems from a long-standing animosity between Koch and his brother-in-law, Concepcion, took place near Koch and Camacho’s homes on Freedom Drive, Chinatown at around 11 p.m. on October 29, 2021.

In Koch’s motion for a protection order under Public Law 12-19 or the Prevention of Domestic and Family Violence Act 2000, he asked the court to order the respondents to remain at at least 200 meters from him and his family at all times, including their residence in Chinatown, and to cease and desist from all other threats, intimidation, annoyance, harassment and contact, including any effort to block, interfere with or prevent their access to Freedom Drive or the Family Complex.

Koch also wants the respondents to stay at least 200 yards from him and his wife, at Francisco C. Ada / Saipan International Airport, Department of Community and Cultural Affairs-Child Care Development Fund and no. anywhere in Saipan or CNMI.

The criminal division of the attorney general’s office, for its part, has filed separate criminal charges against Camacho and one of his nephews.

Camacho, 60, was arrested on the evening of November 2, but immediately posted a $ 1,250 cash bond and is out of custody.

Chief Prosecutor Chester Hinds, in a statement, said that “the DPS investigation revealed that Vicente Camacho and two others physically assaulted another person, causing bodily harm. Based on the allegations, the nature of the crime and the injuries sustained by the victim, an arrest warrant for bodily harm and disturbance of the peace was issued against Mr. Camacho. Mr. Camacho was subsequently arrested under this arrest warrant on November 2.

Camacho is scheduled to appear in courtroom 202A for arraignment on November 16 at 9 a.m.

“Tiepo A. Nikiti, 21, one of the people who also allegedly participated in the crime with Mr. Camacho, will also be brought to justice on November 16 for assault and battery and DTP,” Hinds added.

The other individual who has also been accused of assaulting Koch is believed to be a 14-year-old.

Koch suffered abrasions, bruises, and head and body pain from the beatings, and was taken to Commonwealth Healthcare Corp. for exam.


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