Delaware child abuse indictment against Mary and Charles Vinson


Charles Vinson often spanked the boys on camera and raised his fists at them, the indictment said, adding that he also witnessed some of his wife’s attacks.

Beyond attempted strangulation, child abuse, endangerment and conspiracy, both parents are also charged with kidnapping, for allegedly restraining the boys “for the purpose of terrorizing them”, according to the report. ‘indictment.

The Vinsons are also accused of providing false information to medical professionals assessing and treating the boys.

If convicted on all counts, Mary Vinson faces 40 to more than 1,150 years in prison, Jennings said. Her husband would face 16 to more than 270 years in prison.

“It’s a horrible situation,” said Kellie Turner, acting director of Prevent Child Abuse Delaware. “I’ve been doing my job for 27 years, and it’s so heartbreaking to hear these things.”

Kellie Turner of Prevent Child Abuse Delaware calls the allegations “horrific”. (Courtesy of Turner)

Turner said she only read the case, but was happy that an “intervention took place” and the children were removed from the home. “It is essential for the future of these children. So I hope they will receive the support and resources they need to recover from their experiences.

Jennings added that “my prayers go out to the victims who, thank God, are safe. We will seek prompt and complete justice against the accused; nothing matters more than protecting our children.

Josette Manning, secretary of the Department of Child, Youth and Family Services, said she could not comment. Manning’s department includes the agencies that investigate child abuse and administer the foster care program.

Everyone has a role in keeping children safe

Turner said cases like the Vinsons should also serve to remind the public that child abuse is preventable and that everyone has a role to play in keeping children safe.

One way is to call the state hotline – 1-800-292-9582 – or using the Take Care Delaware online portal to report suspected abuse or neglect.

While doctors, social workers, school workers, medical professionals and law enforcement are required by law to report suspected abuse or neglect, Turner said children are more safe when everyone is watching for signs of children in danger.

“When you’re involved with families or see something that concerns you, it’s important that you call the hotline,” Turner said. “It’s important for people to remember that when you call the hotline, you’re not trying to get anyone in trouble. What you are doing is asking for help.

In acute situations, when a child is injured or perceived to be in life-threatening condition, Turner says people shouldn’t hesitate to call 911.

The bottom line, Turner said of the allegations against the Vinsons, is “these are the things that we work very hard to try to prevent from happening.

“You don’t want to hear about kids being hurt, obviously, but some of these allegations are just awful and it just helps us understand the importance of really working to prevent abuse, so no child has to go through this. experience. “

Parents and guardians can also call the help me grow hotline by dialing 211 to connect to community resources to help manage challenges.


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