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A man was seen wearing a Ku Klux Klan balaclava at a Vons grocery store in Santee, Calif., On May 2.

Tiam Tellez

By the editorial board

Help for troubled strip clubs, payday lenders

Yes, the massive federal emergency loan program was designed to support local businesses affected by the pandemic, but it’s ridiculous: a Michigan judge has ruled that the federal government cannot deny repayable, low-interest loans to traditionally ‘underprivileged’ businesses, including payday loan companies, political lobbying firms, restricted private clubs and even strip clubs -tease.

U.S. District Judge Matthew Leitman ruled that the Federal Small Business Administration could not exclude businesses from granting loans under the Paycheck Protection Program based on the nature of their business, whether it either exclusive as a private club, predatory like payday loans or in the business of selling “lustful sex” products.

“Simply put, Congress didn’t pick winners and losers in the PPP,” Leitman wrote. He admitted that it would be “normally absurd to conclude that Congress intended to provide financial assistance, among other things, to certain sexually oriented businesses and private clubs that discriminate.”

Flash info, your honor: he is absurd.

Hoosier justice


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