Expansion of MEDICAL DEPOT, PFIZER program, BENCHMARKa anniversary

The Medical Depot branch in Ortigas.

Medical depot expands

Medical Depot has increased its total number of strategic branches from 24 stores in 2021 to 38 stores since the start of the year and expanded its geographical footprint to cover 34 cities in Luzon.

The company is also expected to establish its presence in the south of the country towards the end of the year.

Medical Depot also invests in research and development to increase its available items from 5,000 to 10,000 different products and supplies that will meet various medical demands.

“Caring for Life, Changing Life”

Pfizer Philippines Inc. has launched a new corporate communications program highlighting the company’s work in developing breakthroughs that change patients’ lives.

Themed “Caring for Life, Changing Life”, the new program, marked by a video story, shows how Pfizer has enabled and empowered people to continue to hope and live their best life thanks to its creation. of various innovative drugs, vaccines and treatments.

The program represents Pfizer’s multi-year journey to transform the company into an agile innovation powerhouse fully equipped to meet the difficult healthcare challenges facing patients, communities and society.

The video features stories of a cancer patient beating the disease and getting married, hoping for a good life in marriage; an elderly couple struggling with heart disease and the wife hoping to be able to care for her husband; a father caring for his son, hoping for his bright future; an entire family receiving an essential vaccine against pneumonia; and an athlete of varying abilities who manages to reach their full potential with the help of movement aids.

Benchmark Consulting celebrates its 20th anniversarye anniversary

Benchmark Consulting, a pioneer in the Philippines of integrated coaching, training and consulting solutions, celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. Recognized and accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), the world’s leading professional organization for coaches, Benchmark Consulting has served over 500,000 senior executives, professionals and teams in the Philippines, Singapore and the United States and remains committed to provide services to support talent. development. The company is a leader in the development and execution of customized individual and team training programs and leadership and coaching programs.

Benchmark Consulting is the first to introduce the ICF coaching standard to the Philippines through its one-on-one coaching for executives and leaders that enhances leaders’ skills and prepares them for greater roles. Its signature coaching certification for aspiring professional coaches, the Accelerated Coach Education Program (ACTP), which now offers basic and advanced courses, is the first ICF-accredited coaching course in the country.

Benchmark Consulting also offers customized in-house corporate training programs that help executives, managers, and supervisors embody human-centered, goal-driven leadership, as well as programs that empower teams to perform at their peak and create great value. They also offer public workshops on topics such as coaching skills for leaders, communicating with empathy, developing your personal brand, self-leadership, turning burnout into breakthroughs, and a variety of other relevant topics. to better navigate today’s corporate landscape.

With its slogan “Setting New Heights With You”, Benchmark Consulting is once again about to take the next step by organizing the first virtual conference which brings together 4 world-class speakers and experts to discuss how to make the transition a success. into the new world of leadership. and Training. The conference, scheduled for August 25, will also be the 20eBirthday party.

Exceptional CSR project

The 2022 League of Corporate Foundations (LCF) CSR Guild Awards recently named Breakthrough by BPI Foundation, a one-of-a-kind financial education mobile game app, as an Outstanding CSR Project in Financial Inclusion.

Released in February 2021, Breakthrough mobile game app aims to make financial education more accessible, enjoyable and effective for Filipinos. The development of the app is also the Foundation’s response to the 2015 World Bank study recommending the use of edutainment as a form of teaching financial concepts to the public.

Among the many financial topics covered by the interactive digital board game are saving, retirement planning and investing. Players encounter real-life situations and make financial decisions by moving around a virtual board.

Other BPI Foundation programs were also cited as finalists for the 2022 LCF CSR Guild Awards, namely Adopt-A-Beneficiary for Outstanding CSR Project in Financial Inclusion, Banking on the Arts Virtual Exhibit for Outstanding CSR Project in Arts and Culture , MaagangPamaskosaPanahon ng COVID -19 for Outstanding CSR Project in Disaster Resilience and LakbayLuntian for Outstanding CSR Project in Environment.

DepEd uses classrooms donated by SBFI

The Ministry of Education (DepEd) chose the school building offered by the Security Bank Foundation for the implementation of face-to-face courses.

SBFI supported its Build a School, Build a Nation: The Classrooms Project, which meant the continued construction of classrooms in areas where Security Bank has branches and took advantage of the lack of face-to-face classes to fill classroom shortcomings in public schools.

The Security Bank Foundation also supported major repairs to previously donated classrooms, especially those damaged by typhoons and earthquakes.

The Foundation also complemented infrastructure support with virtual teacher training and the production of educational videos called Ready, Set, Read! to help teachers navigate distance learning and improve student acquisition of foundational English reading skills.

Merger between Vertiv and the Savers group

Vertiv announced a reseller partnership with Savers Group Holdings Inc., a leading end-to-end solution provider in the Philippines.

Working with Vertiv’s distribution partner, AWS Distribution Phils Corp., Savers Group will deliver the full suite of Vertiv solutions in the North Luzon region.

“We are seeing an increase in demand for data center solutions in the northern region of the Philippines, largely due to investments in the region by local and multinational investors. Now is an opportune time for Vertiv to bring our solutions closer to our customers in the region with the help of AWS Distribution and Savers Group. The Savers group of companies has the experience and expertise to provide quality solutions to our customers in North Luzon. With this new partnership, we are confident that Vertiv solutions will meet the needs of more businesses in the region,” said Jason Lim, country manager for Vertiv in the Philippines.

Pru Life UK, GCash offers affordable protection plan

Pru Life UK’s health insurance product is now available on GCash, the mobile wallet provider, to provide easy access to protection for millions of Filipinos.

PRUPersonal Accident Junior for children is now available, followed by its adult equivalent, PRUPersonal Accident Standard soon this year.

For as low as PRU 48.95/year, PRUPersonal Accident Junior, a renewable term insurance plan, is now available for students aged 18-22 (if Life Assured is also the policy owner) or children aged 5 to 17 (if Life Assured is the policyholder’s child). PRUPersonal Accident Standard, also a renewable term insurance scheme, will be available for ages 18 to 65 and suitable for various occupations.

Customers will be able to purchase both products through GCash under the GInsure feature. These protection plans are designed to provide accidental death and disability (ADD2) coverage in the amount of Php 100,000 and are available as a basic or comprehensive package.

PRUPersonal Accident Junior offers four different packages with varying coverages that meet the needs of policyowners. The ADD coverage of the packages ranges from Php 30,000 to Php 100,000. At a minimum, it offers renewal premium, burial benefits and coverage for field trips. The full package adds P3,000 accidental medical reimbursement and P250 hospital benefits.


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