Former Royal Navy sailor jailed for raping baby admits new child abuse offenses


A former Royal Navy sailor who was jailed for raping a baby has admitted to other child sex offenses after being released from prison on license.

Geoffrey Rooney, of Moore Avenue, Bradford, was jailed in 2015 at Plymouth Crown Court for 14 years for child abuse.

The then 39-year-old, from Devonport, pleaded guilty to a range of offenses, including raping a child under 13 and sexually assaulting a girl under 13.

The former first master of the house made hundreds of sexual images of children which he shared with other pedophiles.

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After being released earlier this year, Rooney made and distributed hundreds of indecent photographs of children, Bradford Crown Court said.

The BBC reported that the case had been adjourned until February 11 for pre-sentence reports.

Rooney appeared in court by video link on Thursday and was called back to jail for violating the terms of his license.

He also admitted two counts of organizing or facilitating the commission of a sexual offense against a child and of breaching the terms of a sexual harm prevention order.

The court heard his last offense took place between July and November when he was arrested in a joint police operation involving West Yorkshire Police and the North West Regional Organized Crime Unit.

Geoffrey Rooney was Chief Petty Officer of the Royal Navy

When Rooney appeared in Plymouth Crown Court in 2015 he gave no answer as Judge Paul Darlow told the former chief petty officer he caused the ‘destruction of a happy family life’ with regard to the family of two of his victims.

He said Rooney’s actions “demonstrate all the callous and offhand depravity of a predatory pedophile.”

At the time, prosecutors said the former weapons engineer was arrested following the arrest of another man in January 2014 whose woman found indecent footage on his cell phone.

The footage was attributed to Rooney who asked the man to bring his own children to him for sexual abuse.

It is understood that Rooney had a decorated career which included a position at Whitehall between 2009 and 2010 where his job included resetting the nuclear codes every night.

Rooney was questioned and his cell phone was seized. He immediately admitted his sexual interest in children and uploading indecent images of young children.

The court heard that Rooney pleaded guilty to raping a girl under 13, sexually assaulting another girl under 13, taking indecent photos of children, making indecent photos of children, distributing indecent photos of children with other suspected pedophiles, sexually assaulting a boy under 16 and possessing indecent images of children.

Mr Beal explained how police discovered Rooney messaged other men “giving real-time feedback” as he sexually assaulted one of the girls and sent dozens of nine photos. men of him raping and sexually abusing the youngest child.

The court heard that Rooney also took photos of the back of another very young boy and passed them on to other suspected pedophiles.

Police found hundreds of indecent photos and movies on her cell phone, ranging from grade A, the most depraved, including penetrative sex with a child, including sadism and bestiality, to grade C , the least indecent.

Outside the courtroom, after giving a heart-wrenching victim impact statement, one of the victim’s family member said: “We went through something that no family should have to go through. heartbreaking and horrible.

“Seeing Geoffrey Rooney imprisoned for a very long time will to some extent help us begin to heal. Our first priority is to focus on caring for our families and rebuilding our lives.

Photo posed by the model

“But, by speaking out, we hope we can help others affected by pedophilia as well, because we know firsthand how devastating it can be.

“Pedophiles don’t have a flashing sign around their neck. Rooney appeared to be a normal middle-aged man, with a good career in the Royal Navy, a mortgage and a long-term relationship.

“Behind it, he was a devious and manipulative child rapist who preyed on the vulnerability of families. He betrayed the trust of everyone around him.

“Victims remain silent for fear they will not be believed and many will never speak out. We would never have known about Rooney’s campaign of abuse if a woman had not found pictures of abuse on a phone and contacted the police.”

After the 2015 trial, senior Det Con investigator Pete Shotton told PlymouthLive: “(Rooney) was totally motivated by his concern about child sex abuse. That little phone call uncovered one of the most popular pedophile predators. wickedest we have ever come across.

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