Girl assaulted in college by three sisters: Mayfield Heights police blotter




Aggression, SOM Center road

An 11-year-old girl was assaulted in a college locker room on September 15 by a 13-year-old girl and her two sisters. The incident was videotaped by several other students. The two girls had been having problems with each other for several days.

The incident is under review on potential assault charges to be filed in juvenile court.

Fraud: Jackie Lane

A resident said on September 10 that she was told by the IRS that she owed an additional $ 18,000 in taxes due to the fact that she had made more money than average over the past year .

Officers reviewed the notice and confirmed that her social security number had been used fraudulently. The case is under investigation by the IRS.

Flight: Golden Gate Boulevard

Costco Loss Prevention reported that an unknown person stole a computer, valued at $ 2,000, from the store on September 10, claiming he was trying to return the item.

The investigation revealed that the man was operating a vehicle with a stolen license plate. Brooklyn Police were then able to identify the 34-year-old from a distinctive tattoo on his neck.

An arrest warrant has been issued against him.

Crime Simulation: Mayfield Road

A Circle K official said on September 13 that a customer used a fake $ 100 bill to buy cigarettes and gasoline.

He was identified when surveillance footage was examined and showed him wearing a shirt bearing the name of apartment management company Gates Mills Place.

The Cleveland man, 55, was cooperative when officers spoke to him and said he found the bill in the parking lot and believed it was real. He initially lied about it and later said he did because he thought he was in trouble for using the money he found. He was then charged with simulation criminal.

Disturbance: Mayfield Road

Two Taco Bell employees were involved in a confrontation on September 15 after one of them placed an incorrect order. Both said they were threatened by the other and made conflicting statements.

Euclid’s man, 22, and the 27-year-old woman from Cleveland have been cited for disorderly conduct. Management also decided that the man would be fired from his job and banned from the company.

Material damage: SOM Center road

Five vehicles were found damaged or with stolen items on September 10 in the parking lots of the Coppertree and Arbor Court apartments. Most of the vehicles had broken windows. Among the items missing from the vehicles were backpacks and an iPad.

The police are investigating.

General Assistance: Golden Gate Boulevard

A woman said on September 9 that a Costco employee intentionally coughed on her and made fun of her for wearing a face covering. Agents advised her to follow up with Costco on the complaint she had filed against the employee.

Fraud: Mayfield Road

A Checksmart employee reported on September 11 that a man sent large sums of money to people he said he attended school with. Staff refused to allow him to transfer money on the last opportunity because they believed he was being scammed.

Officers said they would contact the man about it.

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