Glover is stepping down as a member of the JCPC; honored by the curators | New


The longtime director of the Lee County Juvenile Crime Prevention Council is stepping down to take a new position in Raleigh.

County commissioners approved a resolution honoring Pam Glover at their November 15 meeting.

“My time with JCPC was like family to me,” said Glover.

She began serving on the board as a representative of the Lee County Health Department in 2009. She was elected president in 2013.

Each county in North Carolina has a Juvenile Crime Prevention Council, which reports to the state Department of Public Safety.

The councils include community leaders who meet monthly with the goal of finding ways to reduce youth crime, according to the state’s website.

Each council examines the needs of at-risk youth “who have been judged, unruly or delinquent,” the site says.

The board reviews community resources available to at-risk youth with members of related programs often serving on the board.

JCPCs are publicly funded and the money is used to fund services and programs for minors in the community.

In her new post at the Department of Public Safety, Glover said she would manage programs run by the Juvenile Crime Prevention Council.

Continuing to serve on the local council would have been a conflict of interest, she said.

“It’s sad,” Glover said of his resignation. “But it was absolutely fun and a lot of hard work. Sweat of blood and tears.

The resolution was read for the record by Commissioner Arianna Lavallee, who praised Glover for his work. Lavallée is a member of the JCPC. “You did a great job,” she said.


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