High school students listen to lectures on child abuse | Education

Sign calls for action against child abuse
At the meeting, the officers spoke about the Children’s Act, the history of vigilance, identifying and preventing abuse; the interest of schools and families in the prevention of child abuse. Binh Chanh District Police also provided the phone number 02837.606.918 for people to report cases related to child abuse.

In terms of child abuse prevention propaganda, in recent times local administrators and police have sought to educate parents, caregivers and people in the residential community.

Ho Chi Minh City Education and Training has also developed a program to prevent child abuse in the educational environment.

In particular, the education sector has focused on students with special circumstances, boarding and boarding school students, and groups of children at risk of abuse. Teachers have been trained in problem-solving skills and they will guide students to use the internet safely and effectively and incorporate this content into computer education curricula.

Ho Chi Minh City also provides numerous organizations with telephone numbers to receive reports of child rights abuses, such as the National Center for Child Protection (111), the Rapid Response Force of the Ho Chi Minh City Police (113), the Center for Education and Social Action Labor and the National Center for Child Protection. Ho Chi Minh City Youth Vocational Education and Training Association (1900545559), Ho Chi Minh City Child Rights Protection Association (18009069).

By Khanh Chau – Translated by Anh Quan


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