‘Immature’ man sexually abused girl and had nearly 2,500 child abuse images


An ‘immature’ man who twice sexually abused a young child has been found with a cache of thousands of child abuse images.

Logan Bradley Cranham touched the girl inappropriately twice, and although she felt ‘uncomfortable and weird’ at the time, it wasn’t until she learned the ‘good and bad’ touching” at school that she realized what the then 17-year-old had done to her.

He was arrested and made no comment during a police interview.

After officers ordered him to hand over his devices, he refused to give them the passwords.

Eventually, they broke the locks and encountered a cache of nearly 2,500 child abuse images on his laptop and phone.

It included ten videos and 24 Category A images, those of the most serious nature. Among the bookshelf were photos of children as young as three, as well as a young teenage girl bound by her wrists and ankles.

There was also evidence of a folder structure, that he had used search terms to filter the stash, and that it was password protected.

Logan Cranham.

Cranham, of Fleetwood Rise in Atworth, near Melksham, initially pleaded not guilty to two counts of assaulting a child by penetration and six counts of making indecent images.

But on what was to be the first day of his trial in February, he changed his guilty pleas.

His victim, however, had already been cross-examined in a pre-recorded hearing under Rule 28.

Sentencing Cranham at Swindon Crown Court on Tuesday April 26, Judge Peter Crabtree said: ‘The level of the offense here is such that only immediate detention is appropriate in this case.

The 20-year-old was sentenced to two years and ten months in an institute for young offenders.

Prosecuting Rob Welling told the court that Cranham’s victim ‘had enough insight to know that what the defendant was doing was a bad touch’.

Mr Welling then read a personal victim statement from the complainant’s mother in court, which indicated the impact on both the girl and her family.

“[The victim] has been calmer and gets angry more often. She lacks motivation and remains more alone.

“She used to do a lot of clubs but she lost interest in them.

“The impact since I discovered [her daughter’s] the violence was traumatic for me and [her partner].

“We both have a lot of anxiety and find it hard to trust anyone. We drifted away from a lot of friends and family.

They went on to say that they felt like they had “abandoned” their daughter and were “constantly worried” about the effect it would have on the rest of their lives.

In defence, Anjali Gohil said: “Nothing I say in mitigation on behalf of this defendant is designed to minimize the grief felt by [the victim] and his family, the pain and distress that has been caused to them.

She said Cranham had a “somewhat chaotic background” and described him as “immature and socially isolated and incompetent”.

“There is genuine remorse, he did not try in any form [to minimise] what he did, or dispute anything [the victim] said.”

She appealed to Judge Crabtree to impose a community order or suspended sentence so Cranham could get help dealing with his offence.

“He showed up to face the music,” she said.

Judge Crabtree said his continued refusal to be sexually attracted to the girl was “worrying” and cited a probation report which said he was unlikely to re-offend but posed a risk to children.

He gave Cranham a third of his sentence for the two sexual assaults because he was a minor at the time of the offenses, and a reduction of just over 5% for his plea on the day of the trial.

This meant a total sentence of two years and ten months in a young offenders institute.

He will also be subject to an indefinite sexual abuse prevention order, which will limit his contact with children and internet use, and will be required to sign the sex offender register.


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