It’s not just ERCOT’s fault. We need to use less energy, period.


Regarding “ERCOT urges Texans to save energy Monday, fearing limited supplies,” (July 10): Why the Houston Chronicle paid so little attention to the flip side, which Texans use more energy per capita compared to many other states? A huge amount of this overuse is wasteful. It can be stored quite easily.

First, turn off the industrial-strength light at night that blinds drivers and keeps Houstonians awake. Cheap LED lighting has backfired. We consume so much of it that we probably don’t even save energy. Poor sleep exacerbates disinhibition, juvenile delinquency and worsens mental illness. It’s no wonder people are shooting at each other over parking lots with the intense 24/7 light that can be seen in news reports. Sleep deprivation is used as torture for a reason.

Stop freezing air conditioning in commercial buildings. We shouldn’t have to bring sweaters and order hot tea all summer. Restaurants and some stores are finally reacting. Reasonable comfort is enough with a glass of iced tea.

The pandemic has taught us to zoom. We don’t have to drive everywhere. My dad’s four-man carpool with Shell Oil in the 1970s equals the fuel savings of a two-man carpool in a Prius today. Maybe you can’t afford an electric car, but used hybrids often have regular prices.

And Texas, join the east or west grid. We wouldn’t have to invest tons of dollars to cover rare weather events if we did.

Deborah MoranHouston

Regarding “Houston just had its hottest June yet. The next two months could also be ‘above normal’” (July 1): This June was confirmed to be the hottest month on record for much of Texas, as was May. Record temperatures are occurring across the world. Texas leads the nation in methane emissions from our oil and gas fields, but our Republican leaders are doing nothing. These emissions are preventable and scientists say the benefits of reducing methane in the atmosphere are significant: it would “particularly contribute” to reducing climate-related damage according to a recent UN report. When will we see the huge progress we need to protect our planet? Instead, the predominantly conservative Supreme Court decided to limit the government’s ability to tackle this crisis. Madness!

Gary Whiting, San Antonio

On “Texas, EPA clash over Permian Basin ozone designation” (June 30): Even elementary school kids know that greenhouse gases contribute to ozone pollution in the ground level and that greenhouse gases are responsible for dangerous climate change. We are already seeing the effects of global warming in the increasing frequency of severe weather, raging fires and warmer temperatures. Government entities, citizens and especially insurance companies pay billions and billions of dollars in damages every year.

Why does our governor and our heads of state seem much more concerned with the profits of the oil companies than with the health of their citizens and that of future generations?

Cheryl Bolen, Pearland

great oil

On “fuel inventories continued to fall last week as refineries reached 95% capacity” (July 7): If this is true, then oil companies are raking in a lot of money. When oil was trading this low, prices at the gas pump were somewhere below $2.50. Do not charge double this amount. It looks like a strategy by Republicans to make President Biden and the economy look bad so they can take control of Congress.

Property taxes are up. Gas prices are really high. The cost of food and building materials seems to be doubling every week. People are being slaughtered in ever-increasing numbers. Children are killed every day by weapons in the wrong hands. The NRA tries to scare people into buying more of their guns. It works. I read arguments in this newspaper that turned into shootings in local bars, restaurants and neighborhoods. The laws of this country must change. This cannot and must not continue.

We need to reject those people in power who want to control your money, control women’s bodies, and make laws that work for them.

Phillip LynchHouston


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