JAILED: Sick Sellafield Cop had 18,000 child abuse images


A SERVING Sellafield police officer secretly amassed a depraved collection of over 18,000 child abuse images, including those that showed the “sadistic rape and abuse” of babies.

Shaun Mandale, 45, plunged “to the very depths of depravity”, said the judge who sentenced him at Carlisle Crown Court.

The accused, of Belvedere Road, Workington, was jailed after pleading guilty to several offences. They included possession of 18,135 child abuse images, of which 7,651 were classified as Category A, the most serious; possession of 52 prohibited images of children; and owning 96 images of extreme pornography.

He accessed the footage over a period of 17 months – from February 2020 to July 2021. Prosecutor Gerard Rogerson described the shocking facts of the case.

He said the offense came to light when police raided Mandale’s home after officers were told the accused was using a ‘cloud storage’ facility to access illegal images of children.

Mandale used various internet browsing tools to keep his habit of downloading those sickening images – still photos and videos – secret from everyone around him.

He was also using cryptocurrency.

In secret communications with other pervs, he talked about having to be “low-key” because his wife was in bed in another room. The court then heard the details of some of the images collected by Mandale.

“It was a huge collection of child sexual abuse material,” Mr Rogerson said. “This included the rape and sadistic abuse of babies.” Some of the abuse victims were tied up while being abused.

One of those victims was a boy believed to be about a year old, the court heard. The image showed him screaming in distress and struggling as he was abused, the court heard.

Brendan Burke, defending, said Mandale’s life had been “devastated” by his offence, leading to the end of his marriage and what had been a “genuine” and “almost successful” suicide attempt.

But, the lawyer said, the defendant had taken steps to remedy his behavior.

This included two things: first, he was working with an organization called Safer Lives, designed to make him more aware of his flaws and take steps to address them; and second, Mandale had turned his back on drugs and alcohol.

“That was one of the reasons for the breach,” Burke said.

The attorney also spoke of Mandale having issues not just with substances, but also with Asperger’s Syndrome, which led to obsessive behavior and “unbridled curiosity.”

Judge Ian Unsworth KC told Mandale: “You have taken the plunge into depravity…having images of six-month-old babies being subjected to the most appalling depravity imaginable.

“It really defies the idea that anyone would have considered such a thing, let alone recorded it for pedophiles like you to watch.” The judge also noted that Mandale had deployed sophisticated software to conceal what he was doing.

Judge Unsworth added: “It is important to note that each of these children is a victim; somewhere in the world they were mistreated. If there weren’t people like you, if there weren’t pedophiles who want to view this kind of material, it may well be that such activities are less likely to occur.

“It should be noted that these are not just images; they are babies or children; and they suffered a lot.

The judge jailed Mandale, who has no previous convictions, for 33 months and placed him on the sex offender registry for life. He will also be subject to a sexual abuse prevention order for the next decade.

A spokesperson for the Nuclear Civil Gendarmerie called Mandale’s offense “disgusting”.

CNC Chief Constable Simon Chesterman said: ‘All those who work in policing know that their behavior and actions must meet the highest standards to ensure we retain the trust of those we police. by consent. On behalf of the CNC, I can say that we are angry, shocked and sickened by his despicable actions.


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