Joker is about to get his long-lost son back


Long before the prophecies hinted at in Flashpoint Beyond were introduced, Geoff Johns teased the Joker by finding his long-lost son years ago.

Warning: Spoilers for Flash point beyond #0

DC Comics has done a shrewd job of concealing the identity of from batman enemy, The Joker so much so that it’s possible he has a long-lost son who’s still alive. To their credit, they maintained the mystery surrounding the origins of someone created 82 years ago and continue to maintain that mystery 82 years later. The closest audiences get to a true origin story is The killer joke, where the Joker is portrayed as someone who was a loving husband and future father before embarking on a life of crime. Even then, this origin is constantly disputed as it has been made complicated by the fact that the Joker is an unreliable narrator.


This same origin is further complicated by Geoff Johns, Jason Fabok and Brad Anderson. Batman: The Three Jokers, in which Batman stumbles upon the plot that Gotham’s Agent of Chaos has always been orchestrated by not one, not two, but three versions of the Joker at once. Things are particularly complicated for Batman and co. whereas even if they find the original, none of them can identify it by name. At least that’s the impression Batman gives. three jokers ends on the surprising note that Batman has known Joker’s real name for the week since they first met. However, he refuses to divulge this because, prior to his life of crime, Joker was violent towards his pregnant wife. She escaped with their child in a witness protection program, leaving Joker to believe she died in an accident. Batman knows that revealing Joker’s identity puts him in the spotlight, putting him back on the trail of his wife.

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Fast forward to Flash point beyond #0 by Geoff Johns and Eduardo Risso, where its opening pages reveal Batman investigating a chart left behind by the Time Masters showing a host of events to come. One of the ominous sentences on the board read, “Be careful: he will find his son. Do not interfere.“All things considered, this could very well allude to Batman’s fear that the Joker might find his wife and child.

For anyone who believes it’s a stretch to assume this prophecy points to the Joker, keep in mind that the same author behind Flash point beyond is the same writer who wrote three jokers. It’s entirely plausible to consider that Geoff Johns could pick up where he left off in the previous ending, just as it’s plausible for three jokers be officially considered canon as a result of infinite border and all timelines merge.

Perhaps the part of the message that deserves more attention than even the Joker connection is, “Do not interfere. “Whatever happens in the future, why must he demand no interference? What about that father-son reunion that has such far-reaching ramifications on the future that there can be no interference? interference? Bearing in mind that this could allude to The Joker finding his son, it’s easy to see why that can be a bad thing, hence the “You must beware“, but if it heralds impending doom, why wouldn’t anyone like Batman interfere? Fans will just have to wait and see what happens next.

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