Local educators learn the warning signs of child abuse


ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) — Regional teachers and staff attended a summit on Tuesday focused on how to spot the signs of child abuse.

The topic, “Recognizing and Addressing Domestic, Sexual and Community Violence,” aims to help teachers spot the marks of trauma in a heartbeat. The hope is that teachers will notice the warning signs and troubling behaviors before it’s too late.

“You just don’t know. As if you can’t just look at someone and think, ‘Oh, he’s never been in a domestic violence situation,’ said Julie Clark, a teacher at Auburn High School.

Many educators don’t see the signs until it’s too late. That’s why the City of Rockford worked with Forest City Church to host this annual Educator Summit.

According to the website Child protection, for every child abuse case reported, two go unsolved; and the children involved go unaided.

“I think most of the people who attend our summit every summer come away having learned something and gained some really good knowledge,” said Clark, who spends class time teaching her students what healthy relationships look like. and toxic.

She says it’s extremely important to know the difference between the two and which one you’re in.

“My subject tends to lend itself to these kinds of topics and discussions within my class. I really try to build relationships in class with my students so they really feel comfortable talking to me about these things,” she said.

Experts say the trauma can manifest as rebellious behavior, temper tantrums, courtship, drawings, refusal to come home and many other signs that are overlooked.

It is essential that teachers, school nurses and other staff know how to handle a situation.

“Coming together to refocus this work and this focus on trauma and really try to help our children, to restore them and to heal from this trauma in a way that will cause these behavioral problems to stop,” said Jennifer Caccipaglia, the executive of the Rockford mayor’s office. Director of Domestic and Community Violence Prevention.

Educators wishing to attend the Wednesday session should email [email protected]

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