Man with ‘deviant sexual interest’ jailed over child abuse images


A MAN with a ‘strong deviant sexual interest’ has accessed child abuse footage weeks after avoiding an immediate jail sentence for the same offence.

Stefan Kolodziej received a 12-month suspended prison sentence in August 2019 after being convicted of three offenses for making indecent images of children.

As early as November of that year, he again committed the sickly crime and continued for a period of six months.

Kolodziej, of Westover Road, Bournemouth, appeared at Bournemouth Crown Court on January 21 to be convicted after admitting three counts of making indecent images of a child, one count of failure to comply with the 2019 Sex Offender Registry notification and conditional sentence violation requirements.

Stefan Kolodziej

Before jailing the 56-year-old for three years, Judge Robert Pawson told Kolodziej that if offenders like the defendant did not access and download indecent images, fewer people around the world would seek to commit child abuse.

“You contributed to child abuse directly through your behavior,” Judge Pawson said.

Prosecuting Simon Connolly told the court that Kolodziej’s offense came to light when Dorset Police received a recommendation from the National Crime Agency.

It had been identified that the defendant’s Google account and phone number were used to access indecent images of children.

Mr Connolly said there was no indication that the defendant was distributing the footage or that he was involved in the acts of child sexual abuse.

Police seized several electronic devices and after investigation found 2,891 Category A images – the most serious. There were also 4,169 Category B images and over 12,000 Category C images.

The court heard that of a sample of Category A images, one included a three-year-old child, while another depicted a five-year-old “showing distress”.

Such was the content of the footage found, there was “genuine concern for the well-being of the officers conducting the filing of the footage”, the court heard.

The breach of notification requirements related to the defendant’s failure to reconfirm his contact details with the police, as specified each year.

The court heard at the time of that case, Kolodziej, said his mind was preoccupied with resolving an issue related to his late mother’s estate.

Mitigating, Tom Evans said the defendant lost his job in 2010 and later repossessed his house.

“He went into a spiral from that point in his life,” Mr Evans said.

The lawyer added: “He says he doesn’t want to hurt anyone else but recognizes that his actions are hurting other people.”

Bournemouth Echo: Sentencing hearing took place at Bournemouth Crown CourtThe sentencing hearing took place at Bournemouth Crown Court

Judge Pawson referred to a report that the accused had a “strong deviant sexual interest that was not manageable in the community”.

He added that it was stated that “rehabilitation intervention does nothing more than keep you out of jail”.

The judge said the offenses were compounded by the defendant’s acts of subversion, his prior convictions, the high number of images, the length of time he had the images and the ages of the children photographed.

Kolodziej has also been placed on a sexual abuse prevention order and is to remain on the sex offender register until further notice.

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