Minnetonka mayor wants to increase property crime prosecutions



As West Twin Cities subways continue to face an increase in crime, the mayor of Minnetonka calls for better prosecutions for non-violent property crimes.

Neighbors say burglaries involving cars and garages are on the rise. A Ring video shared with FOX 9 shows one of the incidents involving a burglar rummaging in a vehicle during the day. Residents say this was not the only incident during this period.

“It’s such a safe neighborhood and I found it to be quite brave of that person,” said Trudy Schnorr. “It was still daylight, we have a long driveway. So they just went up and walked back.”

Schnorr says her daughter’s car was broken into and her wallet stolen, while her daughter was inside for only 15 minutes. “The person on NextDoor said she saw someone coming down the aisle get into an SUV and take off, so they just had to drive around the parking lot on the way down checking the unlocked cars.”

Victims of break-ins and those who notice suspicious activity in their homes say these crimes are not just happening on a street or neighborhood, but are becoming more prevalent and the subject of more discussion.

The mayor of Minnetonka is one of many mayors who are asking the Hennepin County District Attorney for help in keeping these criminals off the streets.

“We believe that these serious but non-violent crimes should be prosecuted, and they are not prosecuted to the extent that they should be,” said Mayor Brad Wiersum.

In a statement, the Hennepin County District Attorney said, “We have dedicated attorneys specific to these cases, both for adult and underage perpetrators, to make sure we can prosecute cases faster and to ensure that all neighborhoods are more immune to these crimes. “

As law enforcement and local leaders work to keep these criminals off the streets, the message to residents is: While you are at home, even during the day, keep your garages closed and locked doors – even if you’ve never felt the need to before.

“When our residents see each other arriving, they feel in danger in our city and we cannot allow this to exist,” the mayor said. “We say public safety is the first job.”

Hennepin County District Attorney’s Office Complete Statement

The Hennepin County District Attorney supports the need for a collaborative regional effort to respond to the increase in carjackings and crime. We take an oath to respect and apply the law seriously. Therefore, when one of these cases comes to our office for review, we do everything in our power and authority to protect the citizens of Hennepin County by charging and prosecuting these crimes to the fullest extent of the law. .

We have dedicated attorneys specific to these cases, for both adult and juvenile perpetrators, to make sure we can prosecute cases faster and to make sure all neighborhoods are more safe from these crimes. Most importantly, we are adding advocacy services that will be proactive in contacting victims and neighborhoods as soon as we know this crime has been committed.

We would like to get all the carjacking criminals off the streets. In adult cases, our prosecutors routinely ask that judges set a hefty bond in hopes of keeping these dangerous perpetrators out of the community until their cases are resolved. In juvenile cases, our lawyers regularly request that serious offenders be taken into custody and, where appropriate, also certified to stand trial as adults.

Judges of the Fourth Judicial District Court are ultimately responsible for setting bail, making detention decisions and certifying serious offenders as adults. If a person is able to post bail for their charges or convince a judge that they should not be detained, they are released until their next court appearance.

Our office remains committed to doing everything in our power to investigate responsibility and the consequences of these crimes. We have worked and will continue to work proactively with law enforcement agencies to investigate these crimes and develop prevention strategies.



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