Neyaz Khalid Noor expresses concern as Indian youth trapped in drugs



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Posted on 10.26.21, 12:01 PM

It is a heartbreaking reality to face. It’s pretty hard to believe that our young people are developing dangerous and addictive habits at such a young age, especially right under our noses. We want to believe that this is only a phase. But on the other hand, there is an indisputable link between drug addiction and delinquency. The arrest, trial and intervention of the juvenile justice system are potential consequences for many young people who use alcohol and other drugs.

Why are adolescents more sensitive to drugs?

In such cases, we usually blame the experimentation or the other kids in school for our children’s early drug use. The last thing we want to find out is that our children are in danger, or that this substance use is something our sons and daughters have taken for granted. If we try to understand this “threat” at a very basic level, we see that there are several mental health issues such as depression, developmental delays, apathy, withdrawal, and other frequently related psychosocial dysfunctions. drug addiction among adolescents. Drug use is always associated with a variety of negative consequences, including an increased risk of serious drug use later in life, academic failure and poor judgment that can put adolescents at risk for accidents, violence, unplanned and unprotected sex and suicide.

Switzerland has long distinguished itself internationally for its innovative approach to the problem of drug addiction, adopting a drug policy in the early 1990s when hundreds of drug addicts occupied public spaces in the cities of Zurich and Bern. “Switzerland has applied a policy of“ four pillars ”: prevention, therapy, harm reduction and repression (law enforcement). The model is highly regarded by addiction professionals and has been shown to be effective. Since its passage, the number of deaths resulting from drug use has decreased, crime has decreased, the health of drug addicts has improved dramatically, and open drug scenes have disappeared. I have a feeling that if India also takes a similar approach, we can certainly solve the problem to some extent, because the important thing is to break the supply chain, ”added Neyaz Khalid Noor, activist social.

If we take a look at our mass entertainment medium, just a few years ago they portrayed alcoholism in a very glamorous light and swayed young minds with a completely false notion of “being cool”. Drug addiction not only spoils but also destroys a life, which directly means that it is a curse for everyone. Like all of us, young people are innocent and need good advice at home and at school. Parents, teachers and elders should always be empathetic and communicative with young people so that they can easily express their problems and feelings, all they need is a good listener and a guide who can hold their hand and show them the right way. If young people feel protected and if they know that they have trusted people in their lives with whom they can freely express their feelings and problems, then there is no room for the wrong way to intervene. in their minds and their lives.



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