OCP strengthens alternative family protection programs


OPERATION Compassion Philippines (OCP), a non-governmental organization that assists orphaned children and typhoon-stricken communities in the country, was licensed as a child placement agency on December 9, 2021. To date, OCP is one of only six child placement agencies in the Philippines. Of these six agencies, only four (including OCP) have national adoption programs.

“Child placement agency refers to a private non-profit or charitable or governmental agency duly licensed and accredited by the DSWD to provide comprehensive child protection services, including receiving and processing applications of adoption and foster care, assessment of prospective adoptive or foster parents, preparation of child case study report and home study report,” as cited in Sec. Definition of Republic Act 11642 terms.

The acquisition of a child placement agency license enhances OCP’s i-Foster program, which aims to raise awareness of the plight of orphaned children. This is accomplished by providing alternative family care to abandoned, neglected orphans and children in need of special protection through foster care.

Alternative family care consists of care and placement services provided to children in difficult circumstances whose parents are unable to provide for their basic needs on a temporary or permanent basis. It can be rooted in issues such as illness, extreme poverty and lack of parental preparation.

With the license, OCP can now directly assist interested parents with the requirements and procedures required by law for the placement and adoption of children.

“Before, our program focused solely on foster care. Now that we have added domestic adoption to our key programs, we will coordinate closely with relevant agencies in the implementation of our foster care and domestic adoption programs. “said OCP President Butch Albert. .

OCP has actively promoted promotion and adoption through advocacy forums in churches nationwide. Currently, the i-Foster program is being implemented in the National Capital Region, Region 4-A, and Region 5. As a testament to the warm reception of the program, OCP has licensed at least 20 foster families in under its i-Foster program.


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