Olive Crest works to prevent child abuse


Olive Crest is a non-profit organization here in Nevada with a proven model to help prevent child abuse and neglect. Every 10 seconds in our country, a report of child abuse is made. And, every day… five children die from abuse. These numbers are tragic. And they are very real. Olive Crest will not sit idly by and allow these numbers to persist in our communities. They fight every day to end the cycle of child abuse and to ensure that every child in our care is raised in a strong and loving family. They believe that every child, young adult, and family deserves love, security, and the opportunity to live a fulfilling life free from pain, fear, and isolation.

To learn more about Olive Crest, visit www.olivecrest.org.

This program served to inform the community about the various programs and resources available through Olive Crest. Their mission is the prevention of child abuse and the non-profit organization provides services to struggling families in Clark County. They also partner with the Department of Family Services to provide foster care services. Jenny Fay, Director of Community Engagement and Development for Olive Crest, spoke about the history of the organization and the clients it has served since 1973. Jenny gave details of the organization’s core values ​​as well than on the levels of support that the community can provide. Jenny also talked about parenting classes available to everyone in the community and gave information about volunteer opportunities available.

Original air date: August 21, 2022.


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