Pedophile caught with child abuse animation and vile dog video


A man who was caught with a realistic animation of child sexual abuse, as well as a vile video recording of a woman abusing a dog, has been locked up.

Steven McLone, 31 and autistic, was found with the explicit material on his computer after police were alerted to the illegal content he was accessing through his IP address.

McLone was already known to police, as he was the subject of a prevention of sexual abuse order, when they searched his address in Middlesbrough in October 2021, Live reports from Teesside.

The specialized computer specialists of the police found:

  • 1 Class B image of a child (5-7 years old) victim of sexual abuse
  • 5 Class C images of children (ages 9-11) sexually abused
  • 47 forbidden images of children
  • A video of a woman sexually abusing a dog

The Teesside Crown Court prosecutor was told by prosecutor Christopher Bevan that McLone had marked the child abuse animation as a favorite on his internet browser, and that one of the files he had downloaded was titled: “My baby girls” and another with an inappropriate description of a two-year-old child.

The court heard that when police arrested McLone he told them: “I think I know what you are talking about. I was trying to download a movie when I opened it. I saw it and I felt sick and deleted it”.

McLone, of Parrington Place in Lazenby, pleaded guilty to two counts of making indecent images of a child; possession of prohibited images of a child and possession of an extreme pornographic image depicting sex with an animal. Appearing in court via video link from HMP Durham, McLone kept his head down throughout Monday’s hearing.

The court heard he had previous convictions for the sexual assault of a girl under 13 and another sexual assault of an underage girl in 2018.

Shaun Dryden, defending, told the court that his client was autistic and “immature” for his age.

Mr Dryden said McLone was not found with a large amount of illegal imagery, but the probation service found he was ineligible for a place in a sex offender treatment program, because of his autism.

Mr Dryden said McLone told his probation officer he was sexually attracted to teenage girls because he thought of himself as a teenager.

Jailing McLone for 10 months, Judge Howard Crowson told him, “I have difficulty with the idea that you weren’t sexually aroused by these images. Your previous convictions show that you are aroused by young women.”

McLone was subject to sex offender notifications for 10 years.

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