Peterborough man jailed for begging in city center

Earl Allen.

A Peterborough man who was ordered by a court not to ask people for money has been jailed.

Earl Allen, 50, was handed the Criminal Behavior Order (CBO) on August 12 which restrains him from causing Anti-Social Behavior (ASB).

The order states that he must not:

– approach any person with the intention of asking for money or any other object

– place or hold any object in front of or near it in such a way as to encourage passers-by to place money on it

– causing anti-social behavior as defined by harassment, alarm or distress in a public place

Failure to comply with the OBC conditions is an arrestable infraction.

On Monday afternoon (November 7), CCTV operators in downtown Peterborough spotted Allen in Cathedral Square, approaching members of the public with clasped hands in a pleading motion.

Allen was watched by cameramen and was seen continuing along the Long Causeway and Broadway, approaching people in the same way.

Downtown District officers were alerted by radio and found Allen on Fitzwilliam Street, where he was arrested.

Twice in the past week, Allen has been seen begging; On Tuesday (1 November), he approached an off-duty council enforcement officer in Oundle Road, Woodston, and asked for money before continuing to walk down the road.

The following day (Wednesday November 2), he was spotted on CCTV approaching people with outstretched hands in the city center.

Allen, of Towler Street in Peterborough city centre, appeared at Cambridge Magistrates’ Court yesterday (Tuesday), where he admitted to three breaches of his CBO in asking people for money, and was sentenced to eight weeks in prison.

Sergeant Andy Gladders, of the Peterborough City Center NPT, said: ‘There have been concerns about the ASB in the city center for some time now, including begging, street drinking and drug use.

“We continue to work closely with Peterborough City Council’s Prevention and Enforcement Team (PES) to address the issue, alongside our own patrols and with the assistance of CCTV operators who are d a great help in being able to monitor activity throughout the city.

“Despite working with partner agencies such as drug and alcohol support services, Allen continued to cause public nuisance and often fear.

“I want to reassure the local community that the support continues to be in place to help put Allen on a better path, however, as long as there is concern we will take action.”

Anyone with information about Allen breaching his CBO should contact the police via the web chat service or online forms at

Those without internet access should call 101.

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