Phuket judges put domestic violence back on the agenda


PHUKET: Cases of domestic violence against women and children are on the rise at the Phuket Juvenile and Family Court, the court’s chief judge confirmed yesterday during an event held to raise public awareness of this serious issue .

“In today’s society, there are still problems with family violence. It is increasing and becoming more and more violent and is one of the main causes of cases brought before the juvenile and family court, ”said Rachot Aungwibul, chief judge of the first court of the juvenile court and of the family from Phuket.

“Even today, there are laws to protect the well-being of victims of domestic violence. But measures to protect their well-being under the law include specific guidelines, procedures and enforcement procedures and enforcement restrictions, which leaves victims of violence unaware of their right to seek protection. social, ”said Mr. Rachot.

“Moreover, the agencies of the justice system that have the power to protect their well-being still do not understand how to pilot the mechanisms to achieve the intent of the law,” he noted.

“For these reasons, the Phuket Juvenile and Family Court therefore organized a project to improve public knowledge of the Social Protection Law, Prosecution and Domestic Violence Law as part of a march campaign to end violence against children and family members, ”Rachot said during the march event held yesterday (November 25), from Phuket Town to Saphan Hin Park .

“The aim of the campaign is to disseminate knowledge and adapt attitudes towards domestic violence within the community and the general public,” he said.

Chakaj Wannaphaiboon, Chief Justice of the Phuket Juvenile and Family Court, attended the event yesterday to preside over the proceedings.

“Domestic violence is a problem that has been occurring in Thai society for a long time,” said Mr. Chakaj.

“Currently, the problem has widened and the level of violence is increasing, which greatly affects the quality of life of family members whose offender and offender are close people or family members,” he said. -he adds.

“Now the problem of domestic violence has become one of the main causes of cases in the Phuket Juvenile and Family Court. It is a fundamental human rights problem that everyone in society must participate in prevention and resolution, ”said Mr. Chakaj.

“It is no longer a personal matter, and the Protection of Victims of Domestic Violence Act BE 2550 (2007) aims to protect victims of violence and to punish, rehabilitate and “heal” [sic] those who commit violence, ”noted Mr. Chakaj.

“We encourage the surrounding society to participate in the prevention, resolution and monitoring of common problems. Today’s activities are organized to combat domestic violence and spread knowledge and adjust attitudes towards domestic violence, and we hope that today’s activities will raise awareness in society as a whole, communities and individuals with problems and will work together to resolve, prevent and monitor domestic violence issues together, ”he said.

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