Pinwheel Announces Earnings Stream to Provide Real-Time Consumer Earnings Data with Persistent Connectivity to Payroll and Time and Attendance (T&A) Platforms


With Earnings Stream, fintechs and financial institutions can seamlessly support new products, such as cash flow underwriting and easier access to earned salaries (E.W.A.), to alleviate the financial stress of traditional underwriting and traditional pay periods, creating a fairer financial system. Pinwheel’s higher-level information (projected revenue or accrued revenue) is powered by consumer-authorized real-time data connectivity.

NEW YORK, September 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Pinwheel, the leading provider of earnings and employment data designed for next-generation fintech innovation, announced the launch of Pinwheel Earnings Stream. Pinwheel’s latest product provides an unprecedented level of persistent, up-to-date historical, current, and projected revenue data.

For banks or fintechs to create new net financial products tailored to a consumer’s unique income and employment status, they would need to fetch data from thousands of payroll providers and dozens of T&A platforms. This is further complicated by the subsequent need to analyze and make sense of the recovered data. Pinwheel is the only provider that eliminates these barriers by connecting to these sources and aggregating the necessary information into a single API endpoint. Using advanced machine learning and real pay stub data, Pinwheel can derive net wages earned for any work performed so that the amounts of accrued (salaries earned but not received) and projected (gross wages minus taxes and contributions) are always reliable and accurate.

Compared to current market offerings, Earnings Stream takes earnings data even further by applying robust analytics and insights to help customers understand the data. For example, converting this information into projected revenue is one of the most common next steps after accessing this type of data, so Pinwheel automatically handles this for its customers. Pinwheel plans to continue expanding its already unprecedented level of connectivity to more than 1,600 payroll service providers (covering 80% of American workers) and top 40 T&A platforms. With this, fintechs and financial institutions can leverage Pinwheel’s extra layer of analytics to strengthen their E.W.A. strategy and respond to the overwhelming consumer request for E.W.A..

Earnings Stream is mutually beneficial for consumers as well as banks and fintechs, and is most effective in increasing customer lifetime value and reducing acquisition costs when combined with Pinwheel’s Deposit Switch product, such as E.W.A. the offers encourage customers to move their direct deposit. The powerful combination of these two products enables banks and fintechs to create experiences that present opportunities for long-term customer relationships, while offering services that foster better consumer financial habits.

Based on consumer demand, E.W.A. is the most immediate use case for Earnings Stream, but access to accumulated and projected earnings will open up endless possibilities for innovation, including financial wellness tools, educational services, cash flow underwriting , And much more.

“We have developed Earnings Stream to support our clients’ strategies to meet consumer demand for E.W.A. services, although they have long wanted to offer these products, it has been nearly impossible to execute them at scale across the fintech industry,” said Kurtis Lin, co-founder and CEO of Pinwheel. “E.W.A. is a unique product because it benefits all parties. Consumers are excited about ample liquidity, financial institutions are happy to acquire customers, and employers are happy to see their workers experience less financial stress. We strongly believe that the introduction of Earnings Stream is the first step to help accelerate so many needed changes in the financial industry, such as downplaying the importance of predatory lending or high interest credit cards. I’m proud of our team for developing what we believe is one of the fintech industry’s keys to creating E.W.A. some products. Many of our customers are working on exciting use cases that we’re excited to see coming to market soon.”

“Earnings Stream has been designed so that our clients can better help their customers, especially during this time of economic uncertainty,” said Robert Reynolds, product manager of Pinwheel. “We are excited to offer a new medium that will enable banks and fintechs to provide essential financial tools to consumers, while encouraging customer relationship growth. By creating products that have eliminated the friction of changing deposits direct, consumers can more easily use these services, and banks and fintechs can build longer-term customer relationships.”

Pinwheel’s revenue stream provides:

  • Accrued Earnings: This amount represents wages earned so far in the current pay period, backed by our real-time shift and payslip data provided by our industry-leading connectivity to over 1,600 payroll platforms and more than 40 T&A platforms.
  • Projected Earnings: Projected earnings at the end of the current pay period, with projected pay dates included. This amount is based on complete pay stub data and historical salary information.
  • Payment dates: we also provide end users’ expected payment dates

By removing the need to create and maintain these connections on a case-by-case basis, E.W.A. is fast becoming a mainstream alternative to payday loans or high-interest credit cards, contributing nearly 90% of people living in a constant state of financial stress. The launch of Earnings Stream will help usher in the next generation of financial products and as a result, amazing new consumer products will soon be available. To learn more, visit:

About Pinwheel: Pinwheel is the leading API in the income and employment market. With Pinwheel, fintechs and financial institutions are empowered to create the next generation of financial products that will help create a fairer financial system. Pinwheel provides access to consumer-authorized income and employment accounts and actionable insights that help them make sense of the data they need to tailor their tools and services to consumers. Pinwheel’s platform has enterprise-grade security protocols to power connections to over 1,600 platforms (covering 80% of US workers), over 40 time and attendance (T&A) platforms and more than 1.5 million employers. From this point of connectivity, major fintechs and financial institutions (such as Block, formerly Square) rely on us to power direct deposit switching, access to earned wages, income verification and employment, and create new innovative products. Pinwheel is also a Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA), making the company the only provider in the space to offer Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) compliant earnings and employment data that lenders can actively use in decision making. Pinwheel is trusted and funded by $77 million by leading investors such as GGV, Coatue, First Round Capital, etc.



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