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Accident with injuries

BEECH CREEK – Lamar State Police responded to an accident at 38 Locust Street in the Borough of Beech Creek.

Police say the crash happened at 4.24pm on September 3 when a 9-year-old man, from Lock Haven, entered the roadway from a parking lot east of Locust Street.

The initial point of impact occurred when the front position of the vehicle, which the miner was believed to be driving, struck the right side of a Chevrolet Corvette driven by Craig Lindsey, 70, of Beech Creek. After the impact, Lindsey came to a controlled stop in an adjacent parking lot, facing west, police said in their report. The miner would have made a final stop in a parking lot to the east of the initial point of impact, facing south.

The minor suffered minor injuries and was taken by ambulance to Lock Haven Hospital for evaluation, police said. The Beech Creek-Blanchard Fire Company responded to the scene.


MILL HALL – Lamar State Police responded to an accident along Hogan Boulevard in Bald Eagle Township.

Police say the accident happened at 2:50 p.m. on August 19, when a Toyota Camry driven by 20-year-old Duncan Wallace of Dillsburg was pulled over in the middle lane of traffic, signaling a move to the left lane. While stopped waiting for a green light, Wallace was struck by another vehicle driven by an unknown operator, police said.

Wallace pulled into the left lane to enter the Walmart, but the other vehicle continued straight without giving any information, police said in their report.

The suspect vehicle was described as a black sedan and the make/model is unknown, according to police.

Accident with injuries

LOGANTON — Lamar State Police responded to an accident along Interstate 80 in Greene Township.

Police say the crash happened at 6:47 p.m. on September 1 as Gurpreet Singh, 24, of New Hyde Park, NY, was changing lanes from left to right. Singh continued to cross the fog line on the south side of the roadway and struck a legally parked AA Freightliner trailer on the right shoulder of the roadway. Meanwhile, the Freightliner, driven by Roy Burnett, 25, of Casa Grande, Arizona, was stopped with its hazard lights activated, police said. Singh allegedly side-swiped the left side of the Freightliner.

After the initial point of impact, Singh continued east off the highway and down an embankment, police said in their report.

The second point of impact occurred as Singh continued to move southeast through a wooded area, hitting several trees, police said. His vehicle’s trailer then detached as he reportedly came to an uncontrolled final rest approximately 100 feet south of Interstate 80. Burnett came to a complete stop at the initial impact point, facing the is, according to police.

Singh reportedly suffered minor injuries and was treated at the scene before being released. He was cited for driving on dirt roads for traffic, according to police. Sugar Valley VFC and Bressler’s Towing responded to the scene.


LOGANTON – Lamar State Police responded to an accident along Long Run Road in Greene Township.

Police say the crash happened at 7:55 a.m. on September 1, as a 17-year-old man was traveling west on Long Run Road in a General Motors Acadia when a deer entered the right side of the pavement.

The operator allegedly hit the deer at the 12 o’clock position, causing crippling damage to the vehicle.

A private tow was arranged for the vehicle and no injuries were reported, police said.

Public drunkenness

MILL HALL – Laura Mikitko, 37, of Mill Hall, was arrested for public intoxication at the intersection of Nittany Valley Drive and South Water Street.

Mikitko was seen staggering along the sidewalk with only her socks on Sept. 3 at the scene, according to police. After attempting to speak with the arrested person, it was apparent that she was very drunk, due to her incoherent ramblings, glassy bloodshot eyes and the strong smell of alcoholic beverage emanating from her breath, a said the police in their report.

Mikitko was rushed to Clinton County Jail, where she was charged with public drunkenness.

Terrorist threats

DUNNSTOWN – William Laubscher, 53, of Lock Haven, and Candy Laubscher, 48, of Lock Haven, have been charged with making terrorist threats along German Road in Dunnstable Township.

According to Lamar State Police, on September 1, two individuals entered the home of a 19-year-old victim from Lock Haven with firearms.

It was later discovered that an explosive device had been found on the porch of the residence. The explosive was reportedly made safe by the State Police’s Hazardous Devices and Explosives Section.

The two individuals who entered the residence have been taken into custody and the appropriate charges have been prepared.


BEECH CREEK – A 75-year-old man from Mill Hall was arrested for impaired driving at the intersection of Wynn Avenue and Maple Avenue in Beech Creek Township.

According to Lamar State Police, the arrested person was arrested on August 31 after Title 75 violations were observed. After further investigation, the operator was charged with impaired driving.

Charges were filed via MDJ 25-3-02.

iphone found

FLEMINGTON – A light blue iPhone 13 was discovered at St. Luke’s Church at 1175 West 4th Street in Flemington Borough on August 28.

It was determined through the Medical ID feature who the phone belonged to and it was returned to its owner, according to Lamar State Police.

Physical harassment

RENOVO — Two 13-year-old men from Renovo have been charged with physical harassment at the intersection of Ontario Avenue and 7th Street.

According to Lamar State Police, the two minors were beating a 9-year-old boy from Renovo. Appropriate charges have been filed.

Property found/drugs

MILL HALL – On August 12, Lamar State Police found a bag containing a yellow-colored substance in the Lowe’s parking lot along Hogan Boulevard in Mill Hall.

The case is still going on.


MILL HALL – A 74-year-old woman, of Lock Haven, has been charged with retail theft after she was observed failing to pay for three items past the Weis Markets outlet at 6 Millbrook Plaza in the township of Bald Eagle. According to Lamar State Police, the arrested person was arrested by Loss Prevention and returned to the store and the items were returned on August 19.

The arrested person would then have left the store and would not have waited for the arrival of the police. She was later contacted and had her fingerprints taken and arrested as a result, according to police.

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