Probation / Parole Officer Job – Hennepin County



++OPENING DATE :++ 12/09/21

++CLOSING DATE:++ 12/23/21 11:59 p.m. central time


++SITE:++ Hennepin County, Minnesota

++DEPARTMENT:++ Community corrections and rehabilitation


The Department of Community Corrections and Rehabilitation (DOCCR) is looking for two experienced probation / parole officers to join adult and juvenile probation as probation / parole officers. These positions will primarily cover probation and parole officers while on approved leave to ensure clients receive equitable service. When there are gaps between coverage assignments, these officers will assist with projects and initiatives in their major divisions. Thus, the selected candidates will have the opportunity to grow and develop skills in support of their desired career path.

One post will cover adult investigative duties and probation / parole supervision in adult field services. The other post will cover the supervision of the probation of minors and adults.
Place and times:
The two positions are hybrid and will be performed both on site and remotely, depending on the duties of the position. The base location of a post is 4336 Lyndale Ave N, Minneapolis, MN as well as various other sites in the department. The base location of the other station is at 6125 Shingle Creek Parkway, Brooklyn Center, MN as well as various other sites in the department. The working hours for both positions are flexible according to need and will run from Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
About the types of positions: These are full-time paid positions. As of September 1, 2021, all new job postings are conditional on the candidate being fully vaccinated against COVID-19. “Fully vaccinated” means 14 days after receiving the second dose in a series of two-dose vaccinations approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on a full or emergency use basis, or 14 days after receiving an FDA approved single dose vaccine on a full or emergency use basis. After a conditional job offer, the candidate must present full proof of vaccination prior to their start date. A COVID-19 vaccination card from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), an vaccination card from your doctor’s office, or a personal digital vaccination card is sufficient “proof”. The candidate must also certify that he is vaccinated by filling out a form on the first day of employment. Reasonable accommodations to this vaccination requirement will be considered upon request by an applicant for medical or religious reasons, as required by applicable law.
In these positions you will:

  • Perform assigned supervisory / program area / unit model functions.
  • Carry the assigned workload for the investigation and / or supervision of adults or youth under the jurisdiction of the district court or MN Department of Corrections.
  • Ensure stability during the transition from the referral agent and the continuity of case management and the progression of the case treatment plan. Monitor or coach the client’s compliance with court-ordered conditions and the pursuit of welfare.
  • Use motivational interviews to build and maintain relationships with clients and increase intrinsic motivation for change.
  • Assess the client’s risk, needs and presentation behaviors. Make referrals for treatment programs based on risk and client needs, if applicable.
  • Interface with District Court / Corrections Department, including writing a report, attending hearings, providing testimony and, in some missions, defending recommendations.
  • Collaborate with law enforcement and criminal justice partners regarding client involvement in criminal activity to promote public safety and rehabilitation.
  • Participate and lead projects / initiatives to improve services in assigned divisions.

Need to have:

  • One of the following:
    • Masters degree or higher in sociology, social work, criminal justice, psychology, counseling, law enforcement, education or related field; including the completion of a supervised field training / internship (if required by the degree program).
    • Bachelor’s degree in one of the above fields and one or more years of full-time equivalent paid or volunteer work experience with clients served by the justice system or social services.
    • Bachelor’s degree in a non-related field and at least two years of relevant full-time equivalent, approved, paid or volunteer experience with clients served by the justice system or social services.
    • Associate degree or higher in any field and at least four years of full-time equivalent paid experience with clients served by the justice system or social services.
    • The Evidence-Based Corrections Professional Certificate may replace one year of relevant experience.
  • A valid driver’s license and the ability to obtain a ++ Hennepin County Driver’s License ++.

Good to have:

  • Experience:
    • Work as a probation / parole officer.
    • Use of cognitive-behavioral interventions in the workplace.
    • Write reports, make recommendations and appear in court.
    • Meet and work with clients in the community.
    • With community engagement and programming.
    • When conducting risk needs assessments resulting from the development of a case plan.
  • Mastery of motivational interviewing.
  • Ability to:
    • Be organized, detail-oriented, and comfortable with changing technology.
    • Using strong interpersonal and engagement skills is essential.
    • Work with a diverse and ever-changing population.
    • Demonstrate flexibility, adaptability, with a passion to grow / develop in their profession.

About the department:The Department of Community Corrections and Rehabilitation works to improve community safety, promote community restoration, and reduce the risk of reoffending. Department staff and volunteers serve Hennepin County in over 20 service locations ranging from correctional facilities to probation report offices and vocational training centers, providing long-lasting corrections to over 26,000 adult and underage clients. . It is the largest community corrections organization in Minnesota. Learn more about ++ / corrections ++.
About Hennepin County:
Hennepin is the largest county government organization in Minnesota. Our employees work every day to improve the health, safety and quality of life of our residents and communities. All of our jobs align with one or more of our overarching goals – that the residents of Hennepin County are healthy, protected and secure, self-reliant, due process and mobile.

Our employees receive a combination of generous benefits and a positive corporate culture not found in other organizations. This includes meaningful work that impacts our community, competitive pay, work-life balance, a variety of benefits, and opportunities for growth. Learn more about ++ / employees ++.

Hennepin County envisions an organization where our commitment to diversity and reducing disparities is fundamental to providing excellent service to our community.

Your future. Made here.

This posting could be used to fill current and future full-time vacancies.

This position is classified internally as a probation / parole officer. Click on++ here ++ to display the job classification specification.

Interview invitations will be based on an assessment of education and experience. The offer of employment will be subject to the successful completion of a drug test, an employment background / reference check, a criminal background check, including fingerprints, and a criminal record check. driver’s license before employment.

Under the establishment licensing requirements, positions at the County Family School and / or Juvenile Detention Center must undergo a Basic Study by the Department of Social Services (MS 245C.13). Convictions for certain crimes will affect your ability to be hired according to the disqualification schedule set out in Minnesota Law 245C.15. Persons convicted of any level of criminal sexual conduct cannot be employed in any position within DOCCR under the Elimination of Rape in Prison Act (PREA). Other past involvement with the criminal justice system will not automatically prevent you from working at DOCCR; individual circumstances are discussed and assessed confidentially. If you do not know the exact information of your conviction, you can refer to your sentencing order or contact the county where you were sentenced.



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