PT XL Axiata Tbk: Improving women’s leadership in the public and private sectors Ministry of PPPA RI, XL Axiata and IWAPI agree on the importance of empowering women



Jakarta, September 30, 2021.The Ministry of Women Empowerment and Child Welfare of the Republic of Indonesia (Ministry of PPPA), PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata) and the Association of Indonesian Women Entrepreneurs (IWAPI) have agreed to ” encourage the strengthening of the leadership of Indonesian women in the public and private spheres. The three parties called for this in a webinar on “The Importance of Women’s Leadership in the Public and Private Sectors” on Thursday (9/30). According to them, Indonesian women have an important role to play in the advancement and growth of the country’s economy.

This webinar is part of a series of agendas welcoming the implementation of the “Indonesia G20 Chairmanship 2022”, in which Indonesia will also serve as the Chair of the G20 Empower Forum. The Minister of Women’s Empowerment and Child Welfare of the Republic of Indonesia, Bintang Puspayoga, was present online to open a webinar featuring the Acting Assistant for Community Participation of the Ministry of PPPA, Indra Gunawan, President of DPP IWAPI, Nita Yudi and Managing Director and CEO of XL Axiata, Dian Siswarini.

Bintang Puspayoga said, “Women in Indonesia still face various challenges, such as discrimination, stigma, marginalization, subordination and even violence. Therefore, access, participation, control and benefits must be broadened so that women in business can continue to contribute to development and can be part of the solution to the various challenges faced. Various good practices regarding women’s leadership and various business-led revolutionary programs in women’s empowerment need to be promoted so that the roles and contributions of women can be recognized in the leadership process at different levels. “

The PPPA Minister added that President Joko Widodo had given five priority orientations related to the empowerment of women and child protection for the period 2020-2024. One of them is the economic empowerment of women as upstream of various women’s empowerment issues. This can strengthen power relations with men, so that women are not trapped in the cycle of violence and poverty. Therefore, empowering women will have a multiplier effect because in addition to empowering women themselves, it will also greatly contribute to the well-being of the family and even the nation.

Meanwhile, Indra Gunawan said the PPPA ministry, along with XL Axiata and IWAPI, has become the focal point in promoting the importance of women’s leadership in business through the G20 EMPOWER. Through this alliance, Indonesia wishes to promote good business and government practices in promoting women’s leadership. Indonesia also has private sector advocates involved in promoting gender-based leadership roles in business.

According to him, this gender equality initiative must attract special attention from various companies and governments at the global and national levels. More and more companies are realizing the priority of gender equality to promote inclusiveness, while increasing productivity, profitability and ensuring the sustainability of human resources, especially in management positions. One of the real benefits of gender equality that many organizations have experienced is the availability of human resources to support the development and optimize the performance of the organization or business.

In this context, during the presidency of the G20 Indonesia 2022, G20 EMPOWER Indonesia will bring three main themes. First, to increase the responsibility of companies in achieving key performance indicators to increase the role of women. Second, have a program to encourage the role of women-owned SMEs as an economic engine. Third, strengthen and improve the resilience and digital skills of women in future work models.

In addition, several issues will be addressed under the G20 EMPOWER theme, including women’s leadership in the public and private sectors, women and career development opportunities; and the equality, roles, opportunities and position of women in the public and private sectors. Then there is also the issue of the role of women in male dominated industries (especially STEM issues).

Good experience of XL Axiata

On the same occasion, the CEO and CEO of XL Axiata, Dian Siswarini explained the experience of his company in the implementation of policies related to gender equality and in supporting employees to achieve the leadership level of the company. According to him, for XL Axiata, which is a digital-based company, a diversity of talents is necessary. In addition, based on research, the presence of women in management positions of the company will increase the productivity and performance of the company. Therefore, gender equality at XL Axiata becomes the policy and agenda of the company.

“We then created a number of programs to encourage female employees to pursue careers in managerial positions, even starting with recruitment without gender discrimination. In fact, there is a special mentoring program for female talents who have great potential to enhance their careers. The results of the gender equality policy at XL Axiata have produced positive results. Currently, two women occupy the post of director. In addition, 30% of leadership positions are held by women. In addition, female employees have become more loyal, where fewer women have moved to other companies than male employees, ”Dian added.

Dian also pointed out the need to change the false perception that has been ingrained in the minds of some people who state that the field of tech and STEM is not the world of women. In fact, according to her, the STEM field has absolutely nothing to do with gender, or in other words, there is absolutely no reason why women cannot even be leaders in this field. According to her, the participation of private companies in increasing the empowerment of women in Indonesia is very necessary to ensure the equality of women workers in obtaining the opportunity to take up managerial positions. In addition, there is also a need for all sectors to work together to create platforms and programs that can help Indonesian women develop their businesses and talents.

DPP IWAPI President Nita Yudi said the challenge in efforts to empower women is the strong patriarchal culture which becomes a double burden on women in the form of stigma, stereotypes and the ceiling effect of glass that hinders the professional advancement of women. In fact, according to her, companies that apply gender equality to their employees will get various benefits that can improve their performance. She said, among other things, that the ability to meet customer needs will increase. Therefore, implementing gender equality is not only about flexible working hours for female employees, but also how to involve them in success and other strategic policies.

G20 STRENGTHENS Playbok 2021 best practices

Playbook 2021 is one of the G20 EMPOWER sustainability efforts in the form of a book containing a collection of best practices from 400 advocates / leaders to gather various ideas from the public and private sectors. This playbook has been compiled since 2020 at the initiative of the Saudi presidency of the G20 EMPOWER and supported by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

Since its launch on September 21, 2021, this Playbook is expected to be used by various groups, especially women leaders in the public and private sectors. The aim of this Playbook is to bring together various understandings of tips to accelerate the improvement of the role of women in various sectors.

This manual itself is designed, among other things, to learn various practices / policies, ideas and perspectives that can be adopted in various sectors in many countries. In addition, it will also allow governments of G20 member countries to learn about best practices that can be applied in intersectoral collaboration implemented in various countries. Then, it is an opportunity for the defenders of the G20 EMPOWER to share their best experiences of collaboration with the government in the development of the empowerment of women. Finally, as one of the platforms that can connect businesses and governments in terms of strengthening the G20 EMPOWER network in all G20 member countries. G20 EMPOWER Playbook 2021 accessible via this link:


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