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Christopher Pennington vs. Jennifer Pennington, 09/24 /

Nell Williams vs. Johnny Williams, 09/24 /

Ralph Smith v Lela Smith, 09/27

Betty Burley vs. Michael Burley, 09/27

Brenda Goodwin v Byron Goodwin, 09/28

Kimberly Newman vs. Larry Newman, 09/29

Krystal Dudey v Christopher Dudley, 09/29

Ernesto Garcia v Allison Garcia, 09/29

Ashely Borden v Joshua Borden, 09/29

Angela Smith v Kenneth Smith, 09/29

Charles Jordan vs. Megan Jordan, 09/30


NOTE: All violations reported during an inspection may have been corrected before the posting date. The Arkansas Department of Health (ADH) Food Protection Program inspects all food establishments in the state to ensure they are following ADH food establishment rules and regulations. Arkansas Department of Health inspections are performed 1-3 times per year depending on the facility’s risk category. Additional inspections take place to follow up on violations and when ADH receives complaints. Regulations are written to ensure that food is prepared, stored and served safely, which in turn can prevent foodborne illness. From the inspection report, you can see if the establishment is in compliance with food safety regulations.

  • Norphlet Football Concession 5, 600 School Street, Norphlet, AR. No violation.
  • Norphlet School, 600 School Street, Norphlet, AR. No violation.
  • Burger King # 2597, NW Ave., El Dorado, AR. Observed: (1) Women’s toilet with hand soap. Corrective actions taken.
  • Greater China, 2012 NW Ave., El Dorado, AR. No violation.
  • Taco Bell, 2700 NW Ave., El Dorado, AR. No violation.
  • Antigua’s Grill # 2, 2422 NW Ave., El Dorado, AR. No violation.
  • Morning Start Child Development, 804 Lockhart, El Dorado, AR. No violation.
  • Taqueria Helen, 3717 NW Ave., El Dorado, AR. No violation.
  • Bandit Foods, 4659 Smackover Hwy, Smackover, AR. No violation.
  • Hachi Hachi, 311 W. 5th St., El Dorado, Ar. No offense.

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