Samyang Foods partners with Good Neighbors to defend children’s rights


Kim Jeong-su (left), vice president of Samyang Foods, and Seo Eun-kyung, head of Good Neighbors Seongbuk-gu branch, pose for a photo after signing an agreement on Monday to promote child advocacy at headquarters from Samyang Foods. (Samyang foods)

South Korean food maker Samyang Foods has signed an agreement with Good Neighbors, a child advocacy non-governmental organization in Seoul, to promote child protection, the company said on Wednesday. Under the agreement, the company donated 10 million won ($8,350) as a scholarship obtained through a matching grant program involving its executives and staff.

Last year, Samyang Foods also partnered with a district branch of the organization in Seongbuk-gu, where the company’s headquarters are located. Since then, he has donated 5 million won worth of products, including ramen and snacks.

The recent agreement comes with the company’s ambition to expand its sponsorship to encompass a wider range of initiatives, such as educational projects and support measures for children in precarious family situations, according to the company. .

“We will continue to provide substantial support for children to pursue their dreams…and actively engage in social contribution activities in collaboration with relevant organizations and advance our ESG management,” said Kim Jeong- su, vice president of Samyang Foods.

By Ahn Ju-hee ([email protected])


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