Sanner presents a complete range of desiccant packaging


At this year’s INTERPHEX show (May 24-26 in New York) at booth 2056, Sanner will showcase a selection from its extensive pharmaceutical packaging portfolio, combining moisture protection, ease of use and child protection. The company will notably present its innovative AdCap drop-in desiccant solutions® and AdPack®as well as its TabTec child safety pillbox® CR with integrated desiccant.

“INTERPHEX is the perfect show to showcase our combined skills in injection molding and desiccant packaging,” said Adrian Possumato, president of Sanner of America. “These skills combine our IDP-Process® design injection molding program for manufacturing with our QbDAtmo Guard System® predictive modeling program for moisture management. Together, the two provide turnkey, child-resistant, primary pharmaceutical packaging solutions with the chemical and physical stability parameters of pharmaceutical products in mind. INTERPHEX 2022 is the perfect place to showcase these combined skills of Sanner.

Sanner’s INTERPHEX stand will focus on desiccant packaging, which has provided the highest level of drug protection for over 65 years. For example, the company will showcase its drop-in desiccant solutions. The AdPack® Desiccant packs offer an ideal combination of durability, moisture protection and breathability. Their flat and compact design ensures that the packs take up little space inside the primary packaging. The packs are made of very durable and tear-resistant Tyvek® material and filled with silica gel or molecular sieve. AdCap® desiccant canisters, on the other hand, guarantee optimal adsorption of moisture or odors immediately after filling. They are available with silica gel, molecular sieve, activated carbon or mixtures as required.

The TabTec® Sanner’s CR protects children from accidental ingestion of medication, while its innovative push-and-tilt opening mechanism makes it easy to handle and close for adults. Thanks to an integrated pouring aid, the individual tablets can be removed easily and hygienically. In addition, the integrated desiccant and the appropriate color of the packaging always protect the contents from moisture and light. “The combination of childproofing and moisture protection makes the TabTec® CR a particularly safe packaging option”, confirms Adrian Possumato. “In addition, the integrated desiccant simplifies packaging operations and reduces costs for pharmaceutical manufacturers and packagers.”


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