“School has failed our children”


(NewsNation) – Nearly a year after the deaths of four high school students at Oxford High School – a school 30 minutes north of Detroit – parents say authorities could have stopped the shooting.

“From literally the start of school, Ethan Crumbley had been showing signs of being a very troubled individual, to say the least,” Detroit attorney Ven Johnson said, citing depositions taken from the courtroom. part of a civil lawsuit against Oxford Community Schools and certain Oxford staff. High school.

A teacher said Crumbley drew what appeared to be an ammunition magazine on a note card in late August 2021. Crumbley also replied in a survey that his favorite books included “Making Bombs for Hitler”, while “Dexter” and “Breaking Bad” were among his favorite TV shows.

“I strongly believe that this was all preventable, it could have been stopped, it didn’t need to happen and the school failed our children,” teacher Cori McCarthy said in the edition. from Thursday’s “Rush Hour”.

At the time of the shooting, McCarthy had two children enrolled at Oxford High School. She told “Rush Hour” that they weren’t there on the day of filming because they were worried something bad was going to happen.

“Every day I had to pick up my kids early because the mood was off – they didn’t feel comfortable being there. I hug all my kids now before they leave and tell them I love them because knowing that this meeting could be our last meeting is very heartbreaking,” McCarthy said.

Crumbley, now 16, will stand trial next year as an adult on murder and other charges in the Nov. 30 shooting and will remain in adult prison as a juvenile.

Because he is a juvenile in an adult prison, the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act (JJPDA) requires Crumbley to have a placement hearing every 30 days, where the defense and prosecution have the opportunity to present new information about Crumbley’s placement.

Thursday, September 22, was his final hearing, at which an Oakland County Circuit Court judge ruled he should remain in jail.

“The court finds that it is still in the interests of justice to pursue the defendant’s placement in the Oakland County Jail, for the reasons previously stated. … That being said, I will continue with his placement in the Oakland County Jail. We’ll be back for another hearing in the next 30 days,” Oakland County Circuit Court Judge Kwame Rowe said at the end of the hearing.

The Oxford, Michigan native is charged with killing four classmates and injuring seven others after opening fire at Oxford High School on Nov. 30, 2021. He is charged with 24 felonies and faces jail for life if found guilty.

Ethan’s track is set to begin in January. His parents, James and Jennifer Crumbley, are charged with manslaughter and charged with failing to keep the gun used in the shooting safe at home and failing to take reasonable care of their son when he showed signs of mental distress.

They pleaded not guilty to the charges.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


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