The Future of Work: Health and Well-Being with Leena Nair and Nick Patel


Leena Nair is Unilever’s first woman, Asian first and youngest CHRO and a member of the Unilever Leadership Executive (ULE). 190 countries. As a highly accomplished business leader, his expertise and leadership have helped drive Unilever’s continued growth, leading to the € 50 billion company it is today. Under her leadership, Unilever achieved a 50/50 gender balance across global leadership, through the design and implementation of new progressive work practices and models. She continued to lead a pioneering program, playing a pivotal role in launching Unilever’s new social commitments, focused on improving living standards along the value chain, creating opportunities through inclusion and preparation of people for the future of work. Leena started her Unilever career at Hindustan Unilever, where she was named the first woman to Unilever’s management team in South Asia and was responsible for Unilever’s growth in five markets with a size of company of about 6 billion euros. She has continued to redefine how big business can contribute to the environment and to society and has a reputation for putting people at the heart of business, driving growth and innovation to build better businesses and a better society. Recognized by HRH Queen Elizabeth II as one of the accomplished Indian business leaders in the UK, Leena is a director of the Leverhulme Trust. Its goal is to “ignite the human spark for a better business and a better world”.


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