The Girl Guides Association is organizing a Child Abuse Awareness Walk this afternoon


In an effort to bring more attention and seek solutions to the persistent problem of child abuse on the island, the Guides Association of Dominica (GGAD) will organize a prevention awareness walk today of child abuse.

The event kicks off a series of activities that the organization will organize every third Friday of every month to highlight the importance of protecting children in society from abuse and neglect and to strengthen child abuse prevention efforts in our community.

Speaking to Dominica News Online (DNO), GGAD Training and Programs Commissioner Miss Marica Dublin noted that the upsurge in child abuse cases, coupled with the response from some members of the public, has really pushed the organization of all women and girls into action.

“We educated our members about child abuse and how to protect themselves. But it seems that society has developed a behavior of acceptance of the situation and we continue to see an increase in this type of abuse, ”she said.

“We have always been ready to take on challenges and it is one of the challenges that we have felt that as we open the year 2022, we are going to focus on this issue and involve other people on board to resolve it,” Dublin added.

The 93-year-old longtime executive member of the organization, which has more than 400 women, further pointed out that they have worked with key people in society who they believe can provide essential help in ending to this persistent problem that has increased. clearly.

They include lawyer and women’s advocate Alix Boyd Knights and Jodie Luke, one of the leading voices in addressing vulnerable people abuse issues, Ms Delia Cuffy Weeks, another women’s advocate, Ms Josephine Dublin- Prince as well as the President of the Caribbean. Male Action Network (CariMAN) Dominica Chapter, CARIMAN Regional Body President, Pastor Phillip Carlisle.

“We were able to bring them together and solicit their different views on how to approach this child abuse issue because we each realize there is no way to do it in two or three months, it has to be an ongoing project and we are all here for the long haul,” Dublin said.

She appealed to the general public to show their support by showing up in large numbers and making their voices heard by chanting “Stop Child Abuse”.

“Everyone, everyone should be worried because remember one abused child is too much. our population is small and that child grows up to be a woman in society and we know what can happen to this individual when he is older,” she said. “We also recognize that when you pull down a blind, we are just as guilty as the picker, so let’s all support and unite to end this, one step at a time.”

The event is scheduled to begin at the cruise ship dock in Roseau and members of the public are welcome to congregate from 4:00 p.m. to 4:15 p.m.

The public is also encouraged to wear something baby blue this Friday and every Friday to stand in solidarity with GGAD in the fight to prevent child abuse.


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