Tippecanoe County Sheriff Candidate Q&A


LAFAYETTE, Ind. – Democratic incumbent Bob Goldsmith and Republican Jason Huber face off in the fall election to be the next Tippecanoe County sheriff.

The Journal & Courier asked candidates to answer three questions. Here are their answers.

Bob the Goldsmith

Q: Name three goals you plan to achieve in the next four years if elected sheriff.

A: I want to see a child protection team unit working in the same building. There have been conversations about this unity, and I feel like we’re getting closer to making it a reality. 2) Increase the number of school resource officers. The safety and security of our schools is a top priority. 3) Identify and build leadership within our department by sending these individuals to appropriate training and leadership schools. For example, sending members of our team to the FBI Academy.

Q: What are the two biggest issues facing the Tippecanoe County Sheriff’s Office and how will you solve them?

A: Staffing is a major issue. We have been fortunate to be able to continue to apply people and not be understaffed in all areas of our office, but we still need to do something about the pay scale to continue to attract qualified candidates and to hold them. Our office staff has not increased relative to county population, I will work with the council and commissioners to continue to increase our staff and increase the salaries of my team members.

Diversity in our team. We need to have a more diverse team that is more representative of the community we serve. I will continue to speak with local leaders and groups to do all we can to attract more diverse and qualified applicants.

Q: What makes you the best candidate?

A: Experience as a sheriff for four years. In my first four years, my team has become the best trained, best equipped and most prepared that we have ever been. We are more transparent and have a better relationship with the community we serve than ever before. Law enforcement has faced challenges over the past few years, but the Tippecanoe County Sheriff’s Office continues to move forward under my leadership, through a sincere dedication to serving our citizens, a positive and supportive work environment and a highly skilled and trained team of professionals.

Jason Huber

Q: Name three goals you plan to achieve in the next four years if elected sheriff.

A: I will be releasing two two-year strategic plans that will outline our goals and our path to success over the next four years. Our top three priorities will be to become an accredited law enforcement agency, institute a professional training program for command personnel, which includes sending shift-level supervisors to the police and command academy from Northwestern University and leadership staff at the FBI National Academy, and to meet the staffing needs of our department. , which will be defined through interview, research and professional staffing analysis to ensure that we have the appropriate number of staff in all divisions of our agency and that they are properly compensated based on their peers, as well as exploring additional funding opportunities for education reimbursement, position differential compensation, longevity bonus, and specialist compensation increases.

Q: What are the top two issues facing the Tippecanoe County Sheriff’s Office and how will you address them?

A: There are several issues that I would like to address, starting with the lack of staff in the prison and the significant increase in medical transport of prisoners. To address both of these issues, I would first seek to civilize our prison operations, creating a career path from corrections officer to prison commander for those entering the corrections profession. It would also free up three command merit positions that could be restructured in the patrol division. I would also be looking to set up two ambulance staffed with EMT/correction officer personnel within the sheriff’s office to handle medical transports.

Q: What makes you the best candidate?

A: I have 26 years of diverse and recognized leadership in law enforcement and corrections in Tippecanoe County. I transformed a community corrections center known statewide and nationwide for mental health and addiction issues for those involved in justice and I will do the same in our prison. I pledge to stand at the doorsteps of our community to defend your rights and freedoms, to protect our children, our citizens, and to stand arm in arm with our community to solve our toughest problems.

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