‘We need a fully funded service and more Bobbies on the beat,’ says Grantham adviser and former police officer


Sir Robert Peel is considered the father of modern policing and is said to have said, “The police are the public and the public are the police,” says Grantham councilor and former police officer Ray Wootten.

His nine principles of policing remain the same today as when he formed the Metropolitan Police in 1829, earning him the nickname “Bobby”.

There is no “job” other than serving the community, policing by consent to be effective, which means everyone in the community must feel that the police are there for everyone.

Former Police Officer Councilor Ray Wootten (51109066)

Lincolnshire Police are the third least funded force out of 43 forces, but we live in a safe county. Last year, the overall crime rate was 75 crimes per 1,000 people. What is surprising is that Skegness is the most dangerous town in Lincolnshire, Bourne being the safest. Antisocial behaviour, violence and sexual offenses account for the highest number of reported offences.

The annual ‘State of Policing’ assessment of policing in England and Wales 2021 published by Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Police, noted that policing has changed more in the last 10 years than at any other time in the history of policing. What was pleasing was that the gendarmerie inspector noted the courage and commitment of the police officers, whether paid, volunteers or civilians, in the face of danger. What reassured me was that in the report it was clear that it is the duty of every citizen, parent and family to instill in their children a strong appreciation of right and wrong and to behave in responsible and law-abiding citizens.

In 2019, the Home Office announced plans to recruit 20,000 new recruits to reverse a reduction in police numbers since 2010.

166,615 applications were received to join at the end of September 2021, 11,053 were recruited. Four in 10 people recruited were women, one in ten identified as black, Asian or from another minority group.

The challenges related to the demand for police officers are constantly evolving, especially with the technological revolution, which leads to more social media offenses and cybercrime. Modern slavery and domestic violence also feature in his report. Arrests for domestic violence are increasing, which is a good sign as it recognizes that assaults on men and women can be supported to avoid further risk of harm and to encourage those suffering in silence to get the help they need. need.

Crime prevention is key to the way forward by designing crime, targeting known offenders, gathering intelligence, getting to know the local community and working with other agencies including the local council. It is only by disrupting criminals, preventing outlets for the proceeds of crime and bringing to justice those who commit crimes that we will see crime drop. To achieve this we need a fully funded police department, more officers on patrol and a real deterrent with fear of being caught to stop the next generation from following the same path of crime .

District and County Councilor Ray Wootten

Grantham St Wulfram’s and Grantham North


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