Zeifmans is proud to support the humanitarian work of SOS Children’s Villages in Ukraine


SOS Children’s Villages is proud to partner with Zeifmans, a full-service tax, accounting and business advisory firm, to support children and families affected by the devastating war in Ukraine.

To date, more than half of Ukraine’s 7.5 million children have fled their homes – now displaced within Ukraine or refugees in neighboring countries. For children who are trapped by the fighting or without the resources to flee, they remain in increasingly dangerous situations as shelling, freezing temperatures and lack of supplies continue to impact their safety.

As the needs are great, Zeifmans and its employees have stepped up to help SOS Children’s Villages provide safety, protection and support to some of Ukraine’s most vulnerable children and those who have fled.

In these unprecedented times, we are very grateful to the employees of Zeifmans who wanted to stand with Ukrainians and make a direct difference in the lives of those affected by war. In response, Zeifmans launched an employee fundraising campaign to support humanitarian aid to the Ukrainian people. Employee donations were quadrupled, matched four times by Zeifmans, to support the SOS Children’s Villages relief effort.

“Zeifmans is a great example of the tangible difference businesses can make by helping to support vulnerable Ukrainian children and families. Zeifmans serves as a lifeline to those in crisis and demonstrates corporate leadership that will help a generation of children heal and rebuild after so much loss,” said Danielle Porteous, Director of Leadership Giving at SOS. Children’s Villages Canada.

For children and families caught up in the conflict, SOS Children’s Villages is stepping up its response to help with resettlement and safe shelter, health and food assistance, trauma care and mental health support, as well as child protection and family reunification.

With Zeifmans, we can expand our reach and support even more Ukrainian children in the short and long term, helping those whose lives have been profoundly changed.

SOS Children’s Villages has been active in Ukraine since 2003, helping vulnerable families at risk of separation and supporting foster families caring for children without parental care. In 2015, we set up an emergency response program to help families affected by fighting in eastern Ukraine and people displaced from their homes and communities by the conflict.

We will continue our work in Ukraine for as long as it takes – to save lives, reduce suffering, reunite and strengthen families, and preserve the dignity of Ukrainians affected by the crisis.


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